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Monday, June 24, 2002

June 24th, 2002

What an incredible weekend. Friday night had a little date with this guy J. We had fun watching a couple of movies. But the big story is what happened the next two days... Saturday was up EARLY going to the softball fields for two make-up games that had been rained out earlier. Because we were in the 3rd inning, we had to pick up where we left off, down by 6 points to the opposing team. Did the Outlaws pull out of that slump and win?

You bet your ass we did!

We must have all had our wheaties because we came back and BEAT THEM. Our 2nd game on Saturday was just as sweet as we rolled to a second victory over the opposing team.

Saturday night found me eating dinner at Red Chair (I feel like I'm becoming a fixture there) and then to Hoedowns in my new sleeveless number that is SO fine. (Thanks to S for helping me make it).

Sunday was a tournament. Did we win our first game?

You bet your ass we didn't!

*laugh* Not after a Saturday night...however things turned around after the second game...

Oh, yes...they turned around. You see the tournament was double-elimination. You lose two games and you're out...we had an hour break and then won the second game so continued on playing. Then we had an hour break and won the third game. The Outlaws were in RARE form, great defense. The fourth game you ask? Oh yes...and WHAT a victory. Yours truly, the Digital Cowboy, got the winning out with a pop fly over to right field that NO ONE thought I'd get ;) I was like lightning flying across the field.

Now the fifth game...the Outlaws had been playing what will be three games in a row. We were tired and worn out a bit. The heat from the sun melted over us like thick sugar. It wasn't a dry heat like in the desert, but a heat that would fuel a rainforest into a turbulent growth spurt.

Defense played tight but it wasn't enough. We lost to an undefeated team but our spirits were high on endorphins and adrenaline on a job well done. After all, we went from the beginning of the year being a rag-tag collection of players into a real winning team.

Not only did we finish the year out placing 2nd in a tournament, but in our division we placed 3rd overall for the entire year...

Am I tired? You bet I am. But I leave this year with a sense of accomplishment...I mean after all...I was a part of it. A part of a winning team. And I'm really not talking about the numbers on the scoreboard. It's about the people you meet and the smiles you bring into each others life.

So go out there and "PLAY BALL!" and don't worry about striking out...worry about not swinging!


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