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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

August 6th, 2002

Truth...kind of had a little "thing" for this guy, but today I was told he met someone else... And I am happy for him. It's something I want personally so I shouldn't begrudge him. We probably wouldn't have worked out anyway...we were definitely something of an oil and water...

However! It still kind of sucks. *grin* Nothing ever happened between us, just hung out a few times so I guess I should just look at it as an investment in a new friendship...

Oh well...there's someone out there for just prooves that this one was NOT the one for me :) Am I getting bitter? Not yet...and the Universe help me I hope I never get there...even if I'm 115 and I still haven't had a meaningful relationship.

Pity party over? For now :) I have me. I have people that like me and perhaps...just perhaps...there was a reason for this one not going anywhere...

Only time will tell...and I am really looking forward to the journey!


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