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Monday, July 01, 2002

July 1st, 2002 (Day 2&3 of Pride)

I'm tired. Not "tired" as in 110-year old drag queen tired, but physically spent like after great sex. And to answer that question, NO I didn't. Saturday my best friend called and bailed out of going to Piedmont Park for the PRIDE celebration (bitch) so I got up, worked out, and then got geared up in my little blue running shorts and hit the park.

The park was very festive although they didn't have very many things that I wanted to buy. I did find this GREAT shirt that I will def wear in Norfolk, VA this coming weekend.

So after wandering around for a few hours, I had to go to Hoedowns for what would be my only "real" practice for a routine that the dance team of Southern Line Atlanta was doing Sunday. One of their dancers got hurt and I had to fill in at the last minute for their performance on Sunday.

Practice went well and after that, I went home and worked on something or other and then went to help put the float pieces into the moving van. After that, zipping home to get ready for the night's festivities at Blu.

11:45 found me at Blu with my friend M and I was styling. I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts with my phospho-electric wire sewn into it. Damn things took me an hour and were heavy as hell. Met up with this guy J that I had met in Pensacola who is way way cute. Woof.

Danced the night away until 4AM and then headed home, did some work on the CDs for the float and got to sleep at 5AM.

7:00AM rolled around and the alarm sounded like a klaxon in a nuclear testing facility. Crawled out of bed and headed for Hoedowns where we were assebling the float.

Working my ass off for the next 5 hours to get the float together and then organized at the parade staging grounds was...PHEW. No words, but I'm just glad it's OVER.

The parade itself was incredible. We sailed through the crowd performing on the float with a set of line dances that I selected/designed. The crowd seemed appreciative of my musical selection and if it's one thing I know, it's how to work a crowd ;)

Only two minor incidents of the parade, it rained for a little while and one of my dancers got motion sickness on the float. He recovered really fast though and surprisingly enough was back on his feet to finish out dancing on the float. Kudos, Gurl.

After the parade I hustled home to get in the shower to clean up for that evening's performance at the Bellsouth stage at the park for PRIDE. It went off well for me only having about 3 hours total practice for this routine. Either I'm good or my muse was seriously empowering my mojo.

I stayed at the park handing out cards looking what I hope was sexy in my black jeans, boots, and cowboy hat. My walk through the park to the Showtime stage for Raven's finale was fun. I thought this one guy was going to kidnap me! LOL.

As is my tradition, I have always gone to the finale of PRIDE and this year (as with every year) I was NOT disappointed. I really wish I could get a video of the finale. If they sell it, I am SO going to get it. For those of you unfamiliar with Atlanta Pride, Raven of Backstreet Atlanta is the designer of the finale. She's incredible. Her opening number was a mix of Anastacia's popular songs and her outfit was EXACTLY what she would have worn. If you didn't know better, you'd think that it was really her.

The performers this year were incredible. There was even a drag King this year that was hilarious! As always, they only increase in ability and stage presence and performance, but the crowd really comes to see Raven. This year her finale performance was a GREAT mix of all the popular Pink songs. She even did the pink hair and costumes from the video.

The final performer was this woman who sang the "Star Spangled Banner" like I have NEVER heard it. The power and the majesty of our great country was wrapped up this this woman's voice. It practically streamed patriotism in every note and I every attendee at this performance was uplifted even higher as our celebration of Gay Pride...and American Pride ended.

All in all...I would have to say that each year of my life PRIDE seems to get better and better. This year is no exception.

Thanks to all those that helped make it memorable, Southern Line Atlanta, M and S, the VERY handsome J, and everyone else I saw and met at PRIDE this year.


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