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Saturday, June 29, 2002

June 29th, 2002 (Pride Day 1)

Friday was the start of Pride 2002. It was actually kind of a quiet day at work. Until like 4:00 when something broke...dammit! LOL! I had been getting my haircut and deep in a meditative trance because my stylist was giving me a shampoo and massaging my scalp. I would TOTALLY hire a "boy" from the back of the fag rags to come and JUST do that for an hour. Anyway, they paged me and said one of my services was having problems. Later when I finished, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Network connectivity from the outside in may be the it's screwy to GT.

So after that "fun" I started trying to make my light up pants for that night. I didn't get far. I need to remember that it takes more than an hour to make a pair ;) Hopefully tonight I'll have more time before I go out. Unsure of what I'm wearing (as little as possible I'm sure because it gets F-ing HOT in those clubs).

So we started out at the Red Chair. It was happening. We were there for dinner at 9:00 and it was really neat because we got a table with the "Reserve" on it. We eat there a LOT and the owner set us up real nice because of this (FABU!).

As we left RC at 11:00PM, I saw this guy that I had met in Pensacola that had encamped behind our tent one day. We chatted for a bit and might hang out today if we run into each other. Unsure if that'll happen. PRIDE kind of gets a bit wild with all the people. The line INTO Red Chair as we were leaving, incidentally, was all the way OUT and about 100 people long. Do I know how to time it?

So after that was Hoedowns until about 1:00AM. Very fun...VERY hot and sweaty, but overall not too bad.

So this is Saturday morning as I'm writing this, preparing for today's journey into "Gaydom". Going to go workout and get all pumped (I don't have time later) and then change into my little blue outfit (with matching blue hair even) and hit the park. Wish me luck on finding a parking spot!

Happy Pride everyone!


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