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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


My goodness, people! I have been BUSY! From going to the Gay Softball World Series in Dallas, TX, dating a really GREAT guy, and PURCHASING my own house I'm surprised I have ANY time.

Let's start at the beginning with the GWS in Dallas, TX. I am fortunate enough to have been able to go to the GWS two years in a row now. The first year we finished in third place...and it was definitely a Cinderella Story...this year...well...

My friend LD and I roomed together. We figured that two people in a room for a week was ENOUGH. After staying four to a room last year in Washington, D.C. I breathed a sigh of relief. We arrived on Saturday and instantly were out the door to the Dallas Museum of Art. After having the taxi driver NOT know where it was (unbelievable) he dropped us off at the West End. A funny thing about Dallas...on the weekends and after 5 the downtown area is deserted. And I'm not talking library quiet...I'm talking "Night of the Comet" deserted. I don't think we saw any humans until we got into the museum!

After the museum, we decided to get something to eat and then head to the "gay district" for some fun and frivolity on the bar scene. I had met this guy two weeks before I met and decided to not "play around" as it were. It kind of made running around a little bit different not being "on the hunt" as it were. :) (more on this later)

But they have a nice gay district in Dallas, TX. It doesn't have the same "feel" as the ATL, but you know...I haven't found a place that really does. We went to Woodys, Round-Up, and this other little cocktail bar that served pretty good drinks.

Sunday was spent recovering and shopping at the shops and boutiques around where we had spent the previous night. I found a really cute "techie" shirt that I allowed myself to buy.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had Round Robin for seeding placement. We won the first game, lost the second game, and won the third game which put is in a number 8 seeding (which was RIIIGHT in the middle of things). We were pretty hyped until Thursday when the real tournament started...well...almost anyway.

Thursday was horriffic. Rain rain rain. Delay delay delay. More rain. More delay. More rain. Cancelled games. Poo.

So most of the day for me and LD was spent lying in our respective beds watching cheesy movies like "Malibu's Most Wanted" (about which our friend G said "I just want the last 90 minutes of my life back" LOL). I HATE doing anything in the rain.

Friday morning rolls around and our games were delayed about 3 hours so they could drain the fields. Playing in the mud could be fun...but not in four inches of mud (I guess there really isn't very much around 4 inches that would be fun to play with huh?) So we lost our first game and it was just nasty. I played catcher that first game and made three plays of which I am proud of. :)

The second game I played right center and was in the zone. Caught all the balls that flew out there (and at the world series that is a considerable amount) and got a great compliment about how well our left center and I were able to cover the field.

Well...outstanding outfield performance to the contrary, we lost the game and were out of the series. Rain and mud are definitely our kryptonite.

Returning from the World Series was a relief. I got to see my new boy, JM and get some luvin. Called him the minute I got home >:)

So after putting a bid on the house, they came back and weren't going to replace some piping that needed to be I told them forget had been on the market for awhile and wasn't likely to sell so I risked it. There were other townhomes in the complex that I could purchase. They capitulated and the rest is pretty much history. I am now a proud homeowner (and really looking forward to tax season refunds) and am busy as a bee doing home improvements. I need to start taking "before and after" pictures. I am going to apply for a Lowe's card and rack that up because I want it DONE.

I'm sure you're frothing at the bit about details with the new bo...JM but I haven't talked to him about posting yet. He's great...and we have been communicating really well. There are a couple of things that we need to work on...but those are really falling into place. I'm happy...he's happy I think :) We're just taking it slow. We definitely don't want a lesbian wedding with the U-Haul already! LOL!

So the Glow-Go-Boy is off the market for now...time will tell if this works out. And I'm looking more forward to the journey than the end result for now.


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