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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I am not a chicken McNugget!

I just recieved this in a little QuickMessage on a gay personals site I frequent:

hit me up if interested
have a hotel
safe discrete masculine jock boy
28 italian 5'9" 155 br br
hiv neg
std free
looking for athlete- muscular- jock- rugged type dudes for safe no strings play

And although it sounds nice...I begin to recall a conversation a few of my straight friends and I had the other day about gays and sex. That we are "disposable commodities" because there is always someone else out there willing to get a groove on with you. So do I feel flattered or like a piece of McDonald's fast food?

Don't get me wrong, I have always said "Don't be afraid of people afraid of people NOT looking." and Universe knows I love being the center of attention. (But as a friend says to me, "You freely admit enjoying being the center of attention so it's OK") *tee hee gremlin grin*

Sometimes we all want to "frolic in the flesh" and it's not like I have never done it or won't do it again someday. (ssh! Don't tell my, Mom!) But it gave me a little chuckle today. I guess I'm not "in da mood" :)

It's probably because I am sitting in my livingroom writing this (ain't wireless great?) singing some Karaoke with a fire blazing on the hearth. Life almost doesn't get any more perfect than this (unless there's a hot naked boy I am singing to...oh and that I have some feelings for...yeah yeah...LOL).

So I ignore the QM in difiance and scream "I am not a chicken McNugget!" and wave my fist at the heavens!...

This time, anyway. LOL :)


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