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Monday, October 25, 2004

Bathroom Follies

And no...we are NOT talking the "pee on someone " type...we 're talking "home improvement ". Or in my case, "home frell-up " LOL!

I really have to hand it to those guys on Trading Spaces and the like. They really know their stuff to be able to design and paint and stuff. They make it look SO easy and here I am making a mess out of a nice room.

Well...actually it 's not THAT bad. Friday, I took a half-day off work to help my BF move to his new townhome. After slaaaaving away at that for like 6 hours, I went with the BF to Woofs to hook up with my softball coach to pick up my trophy!

In the morning, I shooed the BF out and went right to Lowes and Home Depot for all the fixings for my new master bathroom. Grabbed the paint from my bedroom paint job, and gave it a good base coat after plugging all the holes and sanding down the spackle (Ooo I feel so butch...just like Justin on "In A Fix " drool.)

After six HOURS of painting (one base coat and like 4 coats of sandwash) I had the bathroom mucked UP! OMG this sandwash paint is a BITCH and a HALF to get looking right. I am seriously going to have to do some creative decorating to get it to look ok because I am OVER it LOL :)

After slaving away, I NEEDED a break so I logged into City of Heroes for awhile and teamed up with a group that I had played with previously and we had a pretty good time. Even got another level so I 'm like level 27 now. :) I 'm sure all you are hearing is "geek geek geek " right now so WANK!

Sunday worked on the bathroom some MORE and then the BF came over and we made dinner and watched "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars " which was totally AMAZING. Farscape had some of the BEST sci-fi writing (along with some of my other favorites "Dead Like Me ", "Alias ", and "Stargate SG-1 ") and it was just a treat to get to see these characters again in an adventure that was like twice as big as the series. I can 't wait to get that on DVD!

BUT...I had better get back to lates!


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