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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I'm as tired as an eighteen wheeler!

OMFG I am tired. After three whole days at work discussing one of my projects (that is 8 hours a day for three days) I am back in my office and just about falling asleep.

Zzz...up? Where was I? :)

So things are on an even keel right now I guess. Have a meeting with the ex next week to exchange presents. I think that doing that closer to Christmas would definitely be much harder on my heart. I'm working through things, but man is this a slow process! Everyone tells me it will be OK but that's something I already know :)

Been continuing my gym visits so I'm feeling better about myself again. I can feel a little more muscle back in the body (I even already added 5 lbs. to my dumbell weight after the first week) and there _are_ a few cute guys around. I'm not necessarily interested in seeking out companionship at this time, but looking never killed anyone, huh? >:)

I'm looking for my next "great adventure" and I figure I'll start of with a mini adventure for now. I HAVE TO FIND A SOFA DAMNIT! LOL. Gawd. I was sitting on the floor with my dog in front of my fireplace (I turned it on for the first time yesterday) and was like thinking " need to get off your arse and find a sofa!".

Went to a couple of parties this past weekend. The first was a "Festivus" party to which we did the gift-exchange-game (where you can steal other people's stuff) and I thought I had made a pretty cool present. It was one of my art pieces that I called "Discopelli" because it was Kokopellis in glitter that were enameled. My friend JA felt bad because they kept bashing it and it was almost the worst gift except for this smelly cat that someone brought. But art is subjective and not everything you make as an artist is going to be absolutely loved. JA ended up taking it home because I had made it and they probably would have just thrown it away. That was really sweet of him.

The second party we went to was "Kristmas in Boyland" which was a benefit for YouthPride of Atlanta hosted at this amazing loft in East Atlanta. I almost moved into that area, but never found anything quite as amazing as what I found now given the restrictions of price and my baby Xena (my Boston Terrier).

The whole time it was like I was in a Zone because though I felt like I belonged in a way, it was also like I wasn't really there for some reason. Admittedly I had a few drinks in me and was in kind of a strange environment but I have no idea why that bothered me :) It's not like it had before!

I'm tired so I'm going to piddle around for an hour and then get the frell outta here. Heading to the gym hopefully because today is chest and arms day! (yay!)


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