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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The End of the Beginning

So. I've finally forced issues between me and the BF and we are broken up ( shush you snickering bitches :) for the final time. Lots was said, and I did the tacky thing and forced a conversation over the phone. There is only so much distance and odd feelings I can stand and I had reached my boiling point about a week before.

I'm sure he'll read this so I'm not going to say much more about it for fear of alienating my future friend (I felt he "strung me along" because he was concerned for a potential friendship) BUT this is for the best. We've been through too much not to be friends...but it will have to be later.

So onto other more pleasant things. I am back in my home gym (for now) and have been good about working out (actually have an appointment for myself in an hour and a half) for my crunches and my back of the arm muscles (their name escapes me at this point) and come this weekend I'll be joining LA Fitness and hiring a personal trainer. I've decided that will be my Festivus present to myself this year. I've always felt I'm a concieted twit so now is the time to match the outside with the inside LOL :) Plus, I have plenty of angst to offer additional fuel to my fire. With a potential softball tournament in January, I need to crank it up so that this year is MY year.

I played City of Heroes for like...four HOURS yesterday doing one of their extended mission sets. Had ALOT of fun :) I think I might try and do another one on Saturday...wake up early and play until the afternoon and then go Festivus shopping and get some more materials to make some artwork (soon to be featured on the website once I get batteries for my camera).

But...I need to go kick some villian ass before I workout so I'm off. Will update with the continuing adventures of the glow-go-boy soon!


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