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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day from the Glow-Go-Boy

I told a friend "Happy Valentine's Day" and he asks me "Why are you saying that? Aren't you single too?"

I just laughed and said, "Yes, but that just gives me an excuse to buy myself something nice!"...not that I actually will after purchasing a set of lamps for $300 (OUCH), but I might splurge this weekend.

I think the phrase "I don't mind being single" probably summarily states how I feel. It's great to have another person to pal around with and it's great when they throw you a boner or two BUT after the tumultuous time I had with the last BF, I can securely say that I'm OK now. I'm sure that estimation would change if he were to enter a room I was occupying though LOL. I am surprised at how intensely I still feel about that whole situation. But I think that is a good thing but I know that I am moving on or have moved on (got the receipt from U-haul right here baby).

I would like to congratulate all the couples that have managed to stay together or are working on coming together. I know from personal experience how much you have to give up (and how much you have to gain). I think that in many ways, I feel I couldn't do that right now...but another part (probably lying to myself *grin*) wants to progress and find someone special. Everyone that seems to be interested in me is from out of state. :) Atlanta boys are so weird.

I actually have felt a little stagnant on the inside. I know it's coming to a head because it is coming into my conscious thoughts at least once a day. So the breakout is coming. Maybe summer >:)

So I have to call a guy from Pittsburgh tonight after the gym. I wussed out (what's up with that) last time he asked me to call him (I admittedly am a jerk sometimes...but this goes back to the "me being non-aggressive" mode that I feel I am stuck in). I apologized and he said he would still like to hear from me. It's not like very much could happen, with the distance...I don't do LDRs or even contemplate them Remember Alabama (cue satanic chanting) I say...but it is always a pleasure to have a conversation with a hot guy :) LOL.

So it IS confirmed that my best friend from college is coming in for my birthday! Now I am going to take a few days off so I can just go wild and be crazy with him! WOOT! I can feel the earth rumble and the downtown buildings sway! So now I have to start planning my 31st Birthday Extravaganza and Housewarming! :) Going to work on the E-vite tonight and make a list of everything I need to buy for the partay (let's see...liqour...liqour...and oh yeah...liqour! *phew* Glad that's done! LOL!)

So from one single guy to the rest of the World, Happy Valentines Day. No matter how alone we may be...there is someone out there looking for us. And anything worth anything takes time, effort, and energy. Oh...and a pinch of faith. :)


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