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Monday, February 07, 2005

Simple Update

So I don't have too many exciting things to report about today. We did have our first softball team meeting for 2005 and we once again confirmed we want to be focused on winning but retain "having fun" but we do that anyway. The decision just effects how aggressive the coaches are going to be. We (the Wackers) will have a big red target on our backs since we have gone to the Gay World Series twice now and this year it's in San Diego :) Even if we don't make it to the GWS, we're also talking about maybe going to the Gay Games 2006 in Chicago. I think that would be totally kewl.

No exciting reports on the boy-front. Although lately I am attracting the "hey-let's-go-out-but-I-won't-respond-if-you-say-yes" boys. For both our sakes...if you express interest and YOU ask ME the very least I deserve a "not interested anymore". Just because you can't take rejection doesn't mean I can't. I'm a big boy. (woo I just read that and it sounds a bit scathing...well maybe just a light boil...enough to make some macaroni).

So I finally got off my bohunkus as worked on my custom mirror frame for my 1/2 bath downstairs. It turned out nicer than I expected. I did learn a valuable lesson. "Don't try new techniques out on things that you can't easily re-create." I tried a little sand coloration which marred the process of coating it with envirotex.

I did go out this weekend for a bit. Had a quick stop into a birthday party (had to leave early because of other commitments) and met up with friends at the new "City Cafe" which was ok. Afterwards we all trundled over to the Red Chair for a drink. Well with Jo, one drink turned into three martinis and some very amusing conversations. We sat over in the corner and talked about life, liberty, and the pursuit of my happiness and the history of his. Afterwards I decided to see what was happening at Hoedowns where I knew I would run into a few friends.

Saturday I worked a door shift at Woofs and then went to the Heretic since it was early and danced for a few hours. I can really tell that the abdominal work I've been doing is working since my sides didn't hurt as bad :) I have "latin" hips :)

Sunday I performed a feeble attempt at cleaning up the house (It's like the Neverending Story) and made a little progress. Later on my friend L came over and we watched I-Robot which was actually a pretty fun movie. Made me want to read the book and read the REAL story since it was very very very very loosely inspired by the book.


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