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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Past is Present

So I once laughingly said that in order to spice up my Blog, I needed to write about my real life. Life is quite often stranger than fiction and sometimes...well I absolutely would get stock in that statement.

So let's start out with a blast from the past from my trip to Orlando. We had met at the softball tournament and I had gotten a little drunk and we ended up playing around for a few hours in his hotel room (I am SO telling on myself). Sometime during the night he had given me his card and I had put it in my wallet with the rest of my credit cards. Well I use certain credit cards during my trips so when I emptied my wallet into the "extra credit cards drawer", I must have put his card behind the American Express and forgotten that I even had it.

I get this QuickMessage on a site I frequent and it was from him and after a few terse exchanges (he was miffed I hadn't called/written/etc) I checked my card stache and found his card and dropped a line apologizing for that oversight. Turns out he's moving to Atlanta (which is cool as I think he'll fit in well here). So the moral to that story is "Pay attention to the details because they will bite you in the ass". Because he was a really really nice guy who didn't deserve that. We all make mistakes and I own up to that one most egregiously.

Let's see...other adventures that are truer than fiction...(digs deep because I had a great list in my head before I started writing this down)...

I FINALLY got off my butt and bought a piece of mirror for the post-modern frame I built (pictures to come) but I bought the wrong hardware to mount it. I also got a small ceiling mounted light for the entryhall (it hadn't worked since I bought the place in August) AND the lamps I had ordered five months ago came in, the box they were in was damaged, so I ended up buying a complete set (instead of just the two) for an additional $60. So now I have a REALLY expensive set of lamps in my livingroom that I surprisingly don't have buyers remorse. I like them :)

I was invited out Friday by my gay-bors, J and S, who are fast becoming friends. James and I have much in common with our love of scifi and Sal and I like to talk about home improvements and the like. We were joined by a few other people I knew (one of which was the seller for the property I bought). After dinner, half of us went out to Woofs and had a few more drinks (don't be so shocked LOL)

While there I did ask this boy K out that I saw out on Friday that I have found attractive for QUITE some time. I really doubt if we'll ever go out, but I am proud of myself for having the guts to say, "You really need to let me take you out to dinner sometime.". I need to start doing that more often. I find it funny that I am such an aggressive person at work, aggressive ballplayer on the fields, that I am sometimes such a frelling bystander in life. We didn't have time to exchange numbers, but if he wants it, he at least knows I'm interested. I've decided that I'll put out the feelers twice...after that, you are obviously not interested so I can muster my pride back together (it takes about 30 seconds) and move on. :)


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