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Thursday, March 24, 2005

And the Beat Goes On

So True Believers, it has been two weeks since my last update and I know you have been biting your nails in anticipation of news!

It's that time again. Time to rejoin the "Cult of Softball" and worship the almighty Easton and the powerful Worth! (for those of you unfamiliar with the terminology, those are types of bats). There has been a little bit of drama on my team due to lack of better planning on the part of my coaches, but they have lives too so I cut them alot of slack :) We're the little orphan softball team with no definitive field to practice on. Been trying to get in touch with DeKalb County Parks and Rec but they will answer my first e-mail and basically ignore the rest. (Side note: I just called and left voicemail with them so perhaps they will get back to me...I can be VERRRRRY persistant).

Our first two games of the season were this past weekend and I never thought I could be so nervous. After the first four frell-ups in a row I managed to find my inner center and play some decent (but not amazing) ball. Got a NASTY pop fly to right field (which luckily wasn't caught) and managed a nice double on it with a perfect slide between the legs into second base. Our first game of the day was against the Eagle Talons (formerly known as the Amigos D, our arch nemesis from last year). They have the potential to be a good team...we'll have to see how the standings go. BUT we still beat them (granted by only one point, but it was definitely an earned victory). Our second game was against the Jazz (which is a great team to play...very fun) and we won that game as well. Unforunately for us, however, this first week of games was Exhibition (not the kind where I strut around nekkid either!) and won't count torwards our standings.

Been flirting with this guy from Arkansas. Yeah, I don't do long-distance things after the debacle we call "Alabama" BUT it's nice to flirt with an adorably cute guy who is funny and sweet and very much boyfriend material if not for the distance thing. So yet again, I am setting myself up for failure LOL :) Probably my damn subconscious playing "Mr. Eternal Bachelor" with something that probably won't last. But I can honestly say I am happy with the current state of affairs (or rather lack of affairs).

This weekend is Easter Weekend and the Wackers will be going to fabulous Birmingham, Alabama for another rain filled weekend (most likely) softball tournament. This is the tournament we won two years ago (coincidentally the only year it HADN'T rained that weekend) and brought home a big phat trophy. I think 5 other Atlanta teams will be there so we'll get to play them without penalty in our standings this year if we don't do well (and we generally don't do well in the's like kryptonite).

I was bad and I bought a few things that I didn't need but wanted. The first was a DVD writer (I need to archive all my MP3s and porn O:) and the second was the new Playstation Portable (aka PSP). I thought about waking up at 6:30AM and going to wait in line outside Target this morning but laziness crept in and so I just called a place and ordered it. It should be here in about a week and a half or so.

Gym is going fine I guess. I feel like I'm not getting as good results as I did when I first started working out. But I think that's the way it goes. I did relax a bit on the weights and concentrating on form for now, but I have got to pump it up soon before I get discouraged. I think I am going to try "Hip-Hop Aerobics" tonight at the 10th Street LAFitness since I have been skipping Wednesday step aerobics class to do errands and the like.

Weather here is nice but a bit chilly this morning. I think it will be warm by the time I finish this post.


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