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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Welcome to my Second 30th Birthday

So today I am 31. I got woken up at 7:30am by my sister to be reminded of that ;) So I've taken the rest of the week off to spend more time with my best friend from college Kyle who is in town for the week to celebrate with me.

So Kyle and I were talking about us getting older and how that we feel that our 20s were more like our teen years and that our 30s are more like our 20s! LOL :) Too bad my knees don't agree with me.

So this guy QuickMessage'd me on this personals site I frequent and says to me "Hey, you're hot. I'm coming to Alaska soon and you're the kind of guy I like. I'd even pay for play". So not only am I a "man of the night", I live several thousand miles from ATLANTA *laugh* I guess it could be a little easy to mistake Atlanta for Alaska. I laughed about that several times.

[insert a few days here while I saved the above as a draft]

So...the evening of my 31st birthday we decided to take disco naps and then head out to the Heretic for some dancing and debauchery! Little did we know how totally wrong the evening was about to turn. It was early about 10:30 when we arrived and got our first drink. I was in the mood for a little kick so I got a shot of goldschlager (I drink it like a tiny cocktail LOL) and after the second one handed my keys to Kyle. I was MY birthday and I wanted to rock it out.

Onto the dance floor we went and it being "dress code" night at the Heretic, the shirts were off and we were boogling around like drunken frat boys at a keg party (actually I dance better than that *grin*). And who should walk in but the Ex. Lord what luck. Of course that hot wave of flush goes through me when I saw him and I did think to myself "Great...on my birthday...I knew this was going to happen." It's not that I dislike him...I guess it's that I would totally throw up if he came with someone else or got jiggy with someone else while I was there. I still gots stupid issues and it's totally my problem not his.

Anyway, we continue dancing and Kyle meets this little latino boy that is kind of cute and it's nice to see Kyle having a great time. I was just enjoying my exercise on the dance floor and how much more powerful having a firm abdominal set makes me feel :) I had my OWN latin hips to get jiggy with ;)

So I go get another drink and see a few people I knew and had a drink. The Ex came by later and wished me well on his way out and we exchanged a few awkward sentences. It's totally me with issues (I'm working on a complete set you know!).

So it's getting late and I'm not in the mood to drink anymore and Kyle asks me if it's OK for him to go home with his little latino toy and I wave him away saying "fine fine, have fun" and OUT they are through the door.

At this point I saw a guy I wanted to at least say "hello" to and see if any sparks came up. Well he was a nice guy, but not my type. We chatted for awhile about work and other people.

Returned to the dance floor for a few great songs and then I was like..."I'm tired..." so I got the keys...wait a minute! WHERE THE FRELL ARE MY KEYS? I did the macarena dance a few times looking for the keys and THEN the lightbulb went on...I had given them to Kyle! Wait...let me get the cel phone and call him...but then that was in the car...recharging.

So, I had enough cash to get me home in a taxi but I had no key for the house! FRELL! So I figure if I can get to my friend S's house, I can grab the key from her. I apparently looked forlorn and that guy I talked to earlier asked me what was up. He offered to drive me home since he lived nearby because he would want someone to help him out on his birthday.

So off we went in search of the key! Well I hesitatingly wake up S at the callbox and she tells me our friend L has the key! Well L lives close so the guy is nice enough to take me over there. I get on THAT callbox and they are THREE AM! I'm like "What are you kids doing up at 3AM?" and they were moving to a bigger apartment. They have the key and she offers to take me home to try it so I bid the guy a goodnight and thank him profusely for being such a good samaritan.

Well L tells me she thinks the key doesn't work because when she tried it, it didn't work last time she kept my dog. Well I knew that the lock is sticky because it's old so I took my changes and it WORKED. However I still had no car and no phone to call Kyle. But he said he was going to be home at 9AM sharp to start getting ready for my birthday party and housewarming.

Well NOON rolls around and no sign of Kyle. His phone number is in my cel phone in my car which is still outside the Heretic (and I'm sure my sterling reputation is tarnished LOL). I remember that once I sync'd up my phone with my iBook so I find Kyle's number and log onto AIM and message my friend LB and ask him to do me a wierd favor and call Kyle.

Well Kyle got LOST so I had him get his latin lover to drop him at the car and bring it home. The most surprising thing about the whole sequence of events is that I found it extremely FUNNY. I didn't get mad about it the whole time, because I knew I had options (staying with a friend, staying at my neighbors house) and that my life is generally one strange sequence of events after another and what's the point of getting upset? It's not like it'll change the situation. *laugh* I laughed the whole time saying "this is a perfect example of MY LIFE".

My life isn't full of that dreaded word drama but it is dramatic. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.


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