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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day and Worry Day

In a recent discussion with my friend David (who lives in Orlando) about a new potential job:

(12:34:34) Neon: do you have to move up to Seattle?
(12:34:51) David (Orlando): yeah, that parts sucks MAJOR uncleansed booty.
(12:35:24) David (Orlando): 3,135 miles.
(12:35:25) Neon: well, new boys
(12:35:37) David (Orlando): Yes, new dead ends to explore.

He's so funny :) I'm going to have to save that one for the movie script that the BF and I are threatening to write.

David and his son spent Labor Day Weekend with me. It seems like that holiday just sped on by REALLY fast. On David's way to an errand he spotted a washer/dryer set (that we had JUST the night before mentioned we should look at garage sales since he sold his before his move) so I manage to actually fit them (one at a time) in my VW Beetle (yes...they DID fit scary enough) and when he got home we pulled them into the house as rain was looming.

The next day, we borrowed a friend's truck to haul the set up to David's place (about 20 miles or so away). Upon unloading his treasures into the house, I heard the dryer make this wierd noise and I was concerned about it's functionality. I opened it up in the house to inspect it and I laughed out loud to what I found. David's son has been trying to abscond away with my classic Legos (that I had collected probably 1979-1990) for some time. He had used the dryer as his own little Maltese Falcon and we had even delivered it for him. That little turd.

So in order to show him who the clever one really is (ME)...I wrote him a little note that said "Not this time you little THIEF! Ha ha ha! Love, Neon" and replaced the Lego briefcase with it. David and I got home and the little thief started bragging about how he got my Legos and David and I played along and I acted a little mad about it (knowing that his plans were FOILED!).

When they got home, he ran straight into the house, opened up the dryer door and screamed "DAMNIT!" as my thunderous laughter echoed all the way up I-75.

Today, David didn't answer the phone after our first early morning talk. We honestly have talked to each other at least every 4 hours or so since we've gotten together (sickening...I know). But today I called, left a message, text'd him a few hours later, called before leaving work and left a message AGAIN (psycho boyfriend anyone? LOL) but I was seriously worried. This behavior was out of the norm for him completely. When he FINALLY called (at like 9PM) he had been sleeping the whole time! He's sick with something, sounded like sinus have been odd as of late. Funny thing was that I was really really anxious! I guess I should have truly paid attention to my horoscope! (from

Don't worry if reality throws you a curve ball, especially within the realm of intimate relationships. Surprises that surface may not be cause for as much concern as you expect. Whatever tensions have been buried may come out into the open. Although unexpected, whatever happens now can bring good fortune. Roll with the incoming waves and your life will be enriched. Your only job is to stay emotionally present and open.

That thing was RIGHT on! Crazy where our minds go if we let it! Funny how it's the little things we miss as the day goes by...a phone text...a brief conversation. Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm still in the "Honeymoon Phase" :)


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