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Thursday, January 18, 2007

OK OK...I'm updating this damn thing!

*laugh* So I have had two separate "You need to update your blog!" e-mails from people who apparently keep up with things going on in my life. How flattering is that? :)

First off, the reason for the quietness is that I recently tried to rekindle my relationship with David. Third times the charm right? Turns out third strike and you're out. Admittedly, I initially was excited but wary about things. Although I think as days went by I became more apathetic toward the whole thing and just couldn't find that spark again. Some of the issues we had resurfaced and many of the things I just didn't like about his core personality became less tolerable as time went on. In our final discourse, well...let's just say I found out what type of man he really is and I know I am better off. There is some residual financial damage that I'm going to have to deal with, but I have a recovery plan that hopefully doesn't impact things too much. (For those of you vultures that apparently only read my blog to find out if David is "free" or not...he's all yours.)

Work, on the other hand, has been going GREAT. I finally have a set of (newly hired) people around me that are of a like mind. One of the new guys keeps commenting that we think a lot alike which is nice. I have been having to learn how to be a project facilitator and planner. I am not that good at it yet, though. I haven't quite wrapped my brain around deliverables and dates, timelines and workload.

I'm feeling very Zen about my life right now. I have to laugh because that really infuriated David who deemed that as me being "plastic". But as I think about things now, perhaps Zen isn't the best description...I feel very...closed off. I think I closed off pieces of myself as a form of protection. I know I've done that before. I learned how to do that when I was younger and having to deal with my father. Unhealthy, but I'm 32...that's what my psyche learned to do. I now just have to wait for it to open back up again.

I am excited that I am FINALLY getting around to finishing up my staircase repairs. I purchased the last piece of trim today and stained it. Gotta put a second coat on it tomorrow morning and when I get home from work put on the first coat of poly sealant. THEN I have to figure out how to cut it with my new miter saw! :) I may have to grab Larry to help me as I only want to have to do this once you know ;)

I do have some funny news of a sort. My old college boyfriend (who is partnered up now) is coming into town for a conference and it happens to be my birthday weekend. I called up one of my best friends in the whole Universe, Kyle (who also used to date him before me), to come down (from VA) so we can all be in the same room for the first time in about 10 years. Talk about nostalgic! It should be really interesting to see how we interact with each other. We're all very different people than we were. And don't all will definitely get the full report!


Blogger Unknown said... about wanting to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. Would love to see both you and Kyle. Though will see you soon!!!

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