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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

May 13th, 2002

Whew. What a day. This morning was ugh with sinuses so had to take my meds and go back to sleep. Finished out work after 1:00 and drove home in a downpour from hell. One thing I didn't mention is that two of my exes called on Sunday. How wierd is that?

One of them we ended it great. I was moving here and he thought about it, but I couldn't move somewhere and expect to hold things together because that is just TOO much change. Some days I regret it, some days I think that was right right choice.

The second is a bit more complicated. If you've read any of my past journal entries, this is the guy from Alabama. Why I torture myself with him I have absolutely no clue. He's everything I don't need: Unreliable, somewhat clueless about how you treat others, and just a little immature. I didn't actually speak to him, he left a message on my machine while I was at the pool.

However I put it however, he'll always have a small spell over me. I'm chalking it up to desperation at this moment. I talk to lots of guys and ask several out, but I must not be as cute as I think I am or they're just plain stupid. But Alabama...I'm really curious what the hell he was thinking calling me after everything he put me through. I should call his house and see just what the HELL he was thinking. I don't know if I even want to go near that drama vortex.

This isn't a pity request by any means ;). Just the way things are. I don't feel bad, things are set in motion in certain ways for a reason and one day, I'll find out what that is. Until then I'm perfectly fine.

On a lighter note, this watermelon flavored applesauce is not that bad. Ever since I started working out I am HUNGRY all the f-ing time! I wake up hungry, I am hungry after I eat, and I go to sleep hungry. Hence why I bought some fruit cups and nuts. I need to get more raisins because I'm a big fan of those now.

I guess I should be happy. I'm feeling the difference in my body. Is kind of wierd though.

So I'm off to go read for awhile. I can't put my new comforter on until I fix it. It's got a rip in it that I think it got in the washer...oops. I think I can mend it with a little needle and thread.


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