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Sunday, May 12, 2002

May 12th, 2002

Whew. I am TIRED. This weekend started innocent enough (as usual) and my friends and I went out to the Red Chair for our weekly dinner. I was wearing my new party shirt I bought up in Provincetown. It's a VERY nice shirt (and it better be for the amount of pesos I shelled out for it).

After Red Chair we went to Hoedowns and danced the night away. One guy C is an INCREDIBLE dancer. We cut quite the rug that night and he even said I was a very good follow because I could transition with him very well (which is a great compliment).

Saturday was a nice and lazy day. Spent the morning cleaning up a little bit and then out by the pool for an hour or so to get my tan on. Saturday night I went to a party for my coworker/friend A and had a blast. Bunch of str8ies there but they were good conversation. Ran home around 9:30 and put on my Heretic gear for a night out on the town.

I can't BELIEVE that I stayed out until last call. These two guys from South Africa were VERY friendly but I think one of my softball buddies was getting a little upset that I was around so I politely took up position on a box and danced the rest of the evening alone.

I like to dance by myself sometimes. And laughingly enough being on the box I had directly above me a fan so it was cooler than on the floor. Music was a bit retro last night...not sure if I really enjoyed it all that much.

But today is Sunday, the day of rest. Just got done with my workout and the sun is just starting to peek out from it's snooze behind the clouds. My best friend wants me to come over and hang, am going to see if we can postpone for a couple of hours sos I can get some more tan on.

Pensacola weekend (Memorial Day weekend for the gay impaired) is coming right up. Only two weeks left. I was a little too tired from last night to finish my workout, but I did get 80% through it before throwing in the towel. Will just have to work 1.25 times harder next time.


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