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Sunday, March 17, 2002

March 17, 2002

It's 3AM and I am T-I-R-E-D. Whew. Went with my friend M to "Tribal" at the Abbey but before that I went to my boss's pre-party at his house. Damn there were some good looking boys there... So "Tribal" was the first "dance" to be held at the Abbey, which is a renovated old church. The DJ was Marc Anthony (WOW) and the boys there made me feel like I either needed to get on steriods or drugs. *laugh*

Yes, it's a little "stereotyping", but I'm unfortunately not that far from the truth...

I wore my green electric pants I had made today (they were a big hit). I had them wrapped up my right jean leg in a swirl or tornado effect. Green for St. Patrick of course.

So I discovered tonight that I really don't sweat all that much anymore. Most of my heat seems to dissipate from my mouth. I felt like a yorkshire terrier the way I was panting (and not from what I WISH were making me pant).

I have practice in about 6 hours for softball. I hope that I can get enough sleep before I have to wake up, get dressed and out to eat breakfast. This will be the first practice I have with these guys and I want to at least make a decent impression.


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