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Thursday, March 14, 2002

March 14, 2002

Today turned out to be a GREAT day...a tiring and "oh shit hard" day, but a great day nonetheless. We got some things repaired at work and wrote some pretty cool code that actually works better than the previous code... AND on top of that I started back "gym-ing" and feel pretty good about that.

So if you haven't read the previous entries, I bought the first season of "Queer as Folk" and my GOD this thing is good. I can really relate to these characters and some of their experiences.

BUT my life right now is drama free if not stress free. The difference is "drama" is created, "stress" is just fated.

I'm excited again...summer is on it's way (along with the need to refill my Claritin) and the good times are once again on their way. Not that winter is so bad, it's just I seem to have more energy when it's warmer.

But I'm working on my outfit for this weekend's big dance at the Abbey with my best friend's partner M. MAYbe...just MAYbe I'll meet someone...

I'm not going to assume, but I'm tingling inside like something is going to happen...I just can't put my sixth sense on it...

So I've been a little "agressive" which is VERY unlike me...telling guys I think they're really cute...asking them to a movie ( it's over e-mail, and I haven't gotten any responses, but least I'm trying! *grin*).

Hope everyone out there in InternetLand is well...and if you're not...I hope you take it into your own hands and make it well.


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