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Friday, June 07, 2002

June 7th, 2002

Yesterday was a good day :) My friend L and I went to go see Star Wars: Episode II. I started cleaning house after work because my sister will be coming in this weekend. Her visit should be cool. I've never seen my niece before. My sisters joke that I can only handle kids for so long (and they're probably right *laugh*). Here's a funny thing...I was "playing" last night on ICUII and this guy attempted to "recruit" me for an escort agency. *LAUGH* I almost fell out of my chair. He even gave me information on the rates per hour, evening, weekend, etc. Although flattering, I don't think I could do that. There are some FINE guys that use ICUII. I got "caught" by a friend on there (we know what HE was doing) and talked about tattoos and piercing. I think I want to get my left nipple pierced. I'm thinking about doing it next week. I want to stop by and ask what kind of guage to get because I found a site with some custom stuff. ( I'm REALLY going to have to think about that...I've been wanting it for awhile and with my chest getting a little bigger now, I think it'd look sexy. I'll keep ya'll updated...


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