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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Long Sigh of Relief

Been awhile, but David got a job. And not only a job...a GREAT job :) Increase in salary with the potential for an upgrade path! Unfortunately...the bills keep piling up and so we're still on a limited budget...but you do what you gotta do and you just go out and enjoy the free sunshine twice as much!

Unfortunately for almost a month time we both got REALLY REALLY sick. Had to have been a combination of sinus infections plus flu because we both got a clean bill of health from our three month anniversary HIV tests! (yay!) I'm admittedly psychotic about that. In some ways, unhealthily so, but you know...with everything I know about know what I mean.

David's and my relationship grows stronger. Even though at times, I definitely have been an ass (and vice versa) we are definitely progressing. It's been really hard. I guess this is really my first "grown up" relationship. We really talk like we're going to last and in some ways I think my previous relationships haven't ever got this serious. We're both diamonds in the rough but maybe together we can polish each other off and shine. We can at least laugh when both of us get ing a stressed mood at the same time now without killing each other. Forgiveness comes easier after a time. :) And I think one of our biggest strengths that actually gives me some belief that this one will be a lasting one is that we work at communication. And it IS indeed WORK! :) But he's a hottie (inside and out) :)

Got a couple of new albums, John Mayer - Continuum, Evanescence - The Open Door, and my new favorite, White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin' Sounds. that dark industrial metal shit...awesome awesome for working out. Especially the song "More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi in the King's Harem Mix)", which is totally totally sweet.

Well I finally got my car repaired from when my softball coach backed into my bumper with his tail hitch and put a hole into it. I had to rent this stupid Kia POS. I have a Turbo VW Beetle (I know totally gay...whatever, bitch at least it runs well and moves like lightning).

David and I joined a gay bowling league LOL :) My scores are are pretty consistant (hovering around 130) but one day I did manage to pull a 199 out of my ass somehow. The other week the opposing team was having fun tearing stuff out of the newspaper and they handed us the following "ransom" offer:

A few weeks ago the Georgia Tech Campus was invated by the dreaded Homo-Haters Club. If this is an example of the tolerance and love that Jesus taught...then give me the Devil. At least he doesn't discriminate. I personally view these Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists as being Evil's Army seeding the seeds of doubt and hatred. But it was quite entertaining to see all of the students verbally disagreeing with them. I mean they were carrying signs like this:


David's car has cost us a minor fortune and now its going to have to go BACK into the shop for repairs. I'm driving it now since my work drive is only 7 miles (instead of the loooong drive out to Marietta). Oh how much simpler will things be (I hope) when both our cars are fixed and David has moved a little closer into town. We were at the auto repair place and the mechanic kept talking to me about the car and inside my head I was going "Ok...just nod and smile...maybe he'll think I know what he's talking about" when David is actually more knowledgeable in that area than I am. David would ask a question and then he'd turn back to me and explain it LOL :) I thought that was damn funny! I do have a more "rugged" look than my seemlingly "twink" boyfriend who looks fresh off the turnip truck sometimes :) Although David thinks of me as having my own "twink" style (which is good...and makes me smile on the inside :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time!! You were soon to receive an e-mail inqueering as to your well-being, Mr.!!!

Wishing you well as the days continue to unfold.

2:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog
nicely written
and yes you are boardering on adorable - bf makes for a cute couple
take care

1:55 PM


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