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Monday, November 27, 2006

Looking forward

So I'm finally eating. Depression is one hell of a diet people, but I wouldn't recommend it. I am totally going to laugh if I throw this lunch up though. I don't think I make a very pretty coalminer's daughter. I am looking forward to some quiet time. Just me, a few movies, a slew of books on my night table, and maybe a luscious cheesecake.

I laugh at myself because I am reading up on relationships (I probably should have done this BEFORE). I read this article and this other one. I thought they were mildly entertaining. I did the opposite of the first one and I won't be ready for the second for a couple of weeks I think. With so much information available now via the Internet, it's like a barrage of advice and second opinions. But when people are involved, there are no absolute truths. Life would be SO boring if there were ;)

Well my lunch is almost done, I have to try and get a little work done today. It's been kind of hard to focus. I just want to go out and get SMASHED...but that is not dealing with things. Just going to take it easy and recoup for awhile. Hang with friends. Hang out alone. Write lots of shit down. :)


OH MY GOSH. I have GOT to get my little grubby hands on a Nintendo Wii. It looks like SO much fun! Hrm...I will get you my pretty...and your little wiimote too!


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