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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back to Abnormal

*grin* So life has yet again settled back to normal (as normal as it gets when you boyfriend is crazy LOL). After some time apart and with a few of his stresses past us, we were able to talk about things and hopefully move past some of our previous problems. We're both strongly opinionated people and as one of my friends said recently, "If relationships were easy, everyone would be in one" :)

David's dog had puppies and there are two left. They ARE cute but I hope he doesn't want to keep one LOL :) Just for MY sanity in a way *grin*

But this past Friday my friend Mikey invited us to the Sugarland concert. I called David to try and get him to come, but he was a bit tired and had only cursory interest in Sugarland. When I arrived, I found out it was the Brooks and Dunn concert with OPENING by Sugarland. I wish I had known because he would have gone to THAT for sure (as he told me later).

I thought that the Sugarland portion was better than the Brooks and Dunn. I'm telling you the lead singer has the most FLAWLESS voice. It was definitely live without processing and she was ROCK solid. I highly recommend if you can get to see them, make the effort, pay the money, you won't be disappointed. I know I was converted into a fan!

So work is going OK...I made a blunder today and had to visit the "You are an idiot page" :) Luckily it didn't effect EVERYONE (and only lasted 5 minutes).

So my Mom is coming in for Thanksgiving this weekend (and will be with me for like a whoooole week!). This will be David and Mom's first meeting so it should be interesting. And throwing David's son into the mix should REALLY be interesting. We're all planning on having Thanksgiving dinner together. David is going to make the turkey, Mom is going to make the chicken and dumplings, and I'm going to try my hand at making a family recipe for stuffing. I need to go out and purchase all the food this week while I have time.

I have relinquished my post as my homeowner's assocation president. But I did accept Vice President. I think that I'll still have to do alot of work, but I can at least point people at the President now. Our new Treasurer seems to be quite willing to do the job and we have a returning board member to act as secretary. I have about 3 women interested in working with me on the architecture committee and they are all nice so I'm looking forward to this year.

I'm happy even though it's raining! Things are evening out and its about time for some real fun! And with Christmas around the corner...things should only get brighter (speaking of which, I have GOT to go out and purchase some new Christmas lights!).

One of the biggest questions coming up is *giggle* Wii or PS3? :) I may have to hold off on my "Christmas Present to Myself" this year but rest some point I WILL have BOTH! :)


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