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Friday, November 24, 2006


So...I think things are pretty much done with David. We got into an argument this holiday and things were said that probably won't be undone. Things had been rocky for awhile so I probably should feel all THAT surprised. Funny...I feel bad, but I also feel OK (after having a good walk and talk and then a good cry). I don't believe in airing that much dirty laundry (well...unless it's someone ELSE's haha) in my blog anymore. I think there's enough negativity around without me adding mine to the emotional blogosphere. I would like to thank everyone for being supportive or wishing us good luck.

I guess that some things just aren't meant to be. I think he needs someone I am not willing to be, and I need someone he either isn't ready to be or just may never be. That's not a good start...people shouldn't have to change to be together. That doesn't preclude evolving or learning about yourself though. I definitely learned a lot about myself over the past five months. Most of it will really help me become a better person, a stronger person, and the kind of person I should be. I can honestly say I finally learned a few important lessons in unselfishness.

I do wish him luck and happiness. I am sad that we couldn't find it together. I'm honestly a little bit scared but I know I'll make it through. I've done it before, I'll probably have to do it again. I know I can be strong, now I just have to put it into practice.


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