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Monday, January 29, 2007

And the Beat Goes On...da-da da dee da

It's kind of funny that I think about current events...its like there are a lot of things going on...but at the same time...not a lot going on.

Recently, Larry took me to one of his friend's house for "Game Night" and boy howdy was that fun. We played this game called like ... "Catchphrase" or "Passphrase" (the electronic version) and I turned out to be pretty good at it. It was funny when they started calling me "Rain Man" because I was able to translate obscure things into the required phrase/word. LOL :) Everyone wanted me on their team *giggle*. Larry and I decided we have GOT to get some games and host a game night ourselves.

Had our first softball team meeting of the season (Pizza and drinks) and introduced a couple of new faces. We have a new "team baby" who is YOUNG at 22. All the rest of us are at least in our 30s. Should be an exciting year. I'm looking forward to being with my "brothers" again now that the "team bitch" is gone. Lordy I was hearing that song from the Wizard of OZ when he announced he was know the one, sounds like "Ding Dong, the witch is dead...da da da da-da da da". :)

I did end up finishing work on my staircase that I had torn apart FINALLY after 3 years of it needing maintenance. I really didn't have all the right tools at the time, but I finished it:

Took a couple of days to do because of all of the staining and stuff, but I am quite proud of the end result!

And...the big news? The VERY big news? I did it. I got...a Wii! That's right you bitches...I finally got my hands on one :)

I also was pretty adventurous and got a new *cough* piece of jewelry. I've always wanted I splurged. It came in a nice box and their website is nicely designed.

It's getting late but I'll leave you with this comment from my friend CJ:

"Sorry, but that innocent look just doesn't work! Its like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa"


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