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Sunday, April 01, 2007


So Molly was GREAT (in Sweet Charity)! The seat location had a wee little to be desired (I would have rather had a more center seat, but I was on the second row) and was able to see one of my favorites up close and personal.

Yesterday after softball practice, I decided to go shopping (can you say "pay-day"? haha) and proceeded on a whirlwind tour of the greater Northlake area shopping facilities. I started off at Sports Authority where I got some new soccer shorts and some shin guards (for softball actually) and I purchased a Speedo to wear in the backyard when I get the opportunity to tan. It's going to be my "motivation" to trim down the small love handles I have (I'm my own worst critic I know) and quit eating fatty foods :) It's hard for me to find a balance between what I need to eat (to maintain my muscle mass) and what I need to eat to obtain the trim figure I want. A friend of mine has a nutritionist she sees and recommended that I give her a try and discuss my own eating habits. I may just do that.

Aaaanyway...back to shopping. So after that, I went to a couple of shoe stores in my quest for a new pair of Merril sandals (no luck) and found two jeans of the size I LOVE in Levi 527 (boot cut, low rise...33/30 is a BITCH to find, peeps). Then went to Target and got two shirts and two pair of basketball shorts. I don't play basketball, but those things are darn comfortable to wear.

I have had my bathroom in pieces for about two weeks and I finally got around today to finishing it up :) It was about a 6 hour job from start (purchasing the supplies at Lowe's) to finish (exhausted and needing a fraking break!).

We have the before (well...after I had already tore up the original limnoleum):

And the after (6 hours of hard, sweaty, breakbacking work!):

But I hope it stays nice and lasts awhile. It's linoleum that looks very much like hardwood flooring (very similar to what I have installed downstairs). I even got new baseboards that mimic the same oak pattern and the quarter-round detail where appropriate really gives it that "real hardwood" look (at least until you step on it :)

Last night we went to this party called "Megawoof" which is some London leather/bear party they wanted to bring to Atlanta. I only went because a good number of my softball mates were going. I just wasn't a big fan of the music they spun (tribal isn't really my style) so after a couple of hours (dancing is an amazing ab workout for me) I walked the .81 miles from the venue to my house :)

This upcoming weekend will be the 2007 "Southern Shootout" in Birmingham, AL where my team, the "Woofs Wackers", will be competing for the best dressed team (aside from attempting to win a top three trophy). Don't know how we'll do as we lost a good number from our roster from last year so we have to "gel" again. But the new folks are fun and are turning out to be valuable friends already. Win or lose, it is definitely going to be a good time to be with my friends.


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