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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Goes On

On the cusp of my 33rd birthday in 2 weeks (am I really getting that old? LOL) and having put some interesting (for lack of a better word) times behind me, I find myself a little melancholic for the "good old days". I guess that is why I am so excited to have two of the most important people from my college days in town for this upcoming birthday. My first "real" boyfriend, John John, and my best friend Kyle. As mentioned before, we haven't been in the same room together in over 12 years. I heard a song on the radio today and smiled because its very true...

Although, I must say...I am either giving off pheromones or the boys are coming into heat with the spring approaching. When I've been dancing at Hoedowns, the local country bar, guys who I only admired from a shy distance are actually making a point to talk to me. I personally think they are attracted to the "dancing" and not the guy because after 9 years of dancing...I've got it going on *laugh*.

Had a couple of really nice dates, getting back into that saddle, just definitely not at a gallop! Got a little tipsy at this last one (hopefully that didn't frell up my first impression!) because the bartender kept buying us drinks.

The aftermath of drinking on a Monday night tho is still with me. It doesn't help that the weather is changing and that always makes me sick. I am excited that it's going to be 70 degrees here tomorrow! And softball is starting *yyyeeeeehaw*

But once that starts...there go my Friday nights out ('cause of early practice) and my Saturday nights out. That just means...more gym and video games! YAAAAAY!

I am working on planning a birthday party somewhere. Working on the details today and this week. I want another big one like I had for my 30th birthday. Already got the theme..."R3D" (which is "red" for you non-133t speakers). I will post the logo once it is completed for your enjoyment :)


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