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Sunday, February 11, 2007

OUCH...damn that hurt.

And we're not talking about another broken heart folks. I have been wanting a new tattoo for awhile so I finally went out and got it :) After about an hour and a half of pain (this one hurt more than the other two combined) I am now the owner of a Celtic water dragon tattoo on my chest:

and a closer look:

I did have to shave my chest as they would have had to shave that segment anyway. I just didn't want a lopsided chest LOL :) I actually kind of like it. I may keep it shaved for definitely shows off more definition. It's a bit sore right now, to be expected though.

This past Friday I had a little surprise birthday party for one of my best friends, Danny. I had secretly invited our softball team and a couple of other friends of his to my house for drinks and cake before we headed out to Hoedowns (where he wanted to go).

So I moved the sofa back and had them all play with my Nintendo Wii and they had a blast an a half. They liked the bowling, tennis, and surprisingly most of all, the golf (can we say "you are getting old when..."?). After a couple of hours (and about 3 drinks for me to wash down the 2 pieces of cake), the party dissolved and I drove Danny out so he could drink if he wanted to.

Apparently I do need to rename "alcohol" as "courage" because I was on FIRE that night. It really brought out my confident flirty side. I even (this is not normally the case) asked for a guy's number...he's a cutie too. I also danced with this other guy who I thought was the bees knees (and I proceeded to tell him so LOL) ...I sure do hope I have the opportunity to see him again.

Today I'm a bit sore, but I need to get into the gym at least for some cardio...we'll see.

But last night I went to a little party at my lesbians' house. I showed them the new tat and was able to fill my friend Betty in on all the drama with the ex. She was really concerned that I was going to shut myself off from finding love again and get cynical (as I had done in the past when I first had met was just easier not worrying about it ;). I told her that it was sweet of her to worry, but if anything, I believe I am MORE open to being with someone after having that experience. Sure...the last one was not what I needed, but there were a few good times in there I have fond memories of.

Well I am going to go do a runabout and have some breakfast.


Blogger Jason said...

Holy cow! I need to have you on alert or something. I just read the saga of your life in reverse from now till early June, when I last read you.

So sorry to read of your travails, although it is interesting to read about a relationship in reverse. I have had my own dating travails, but I keep those on MySpace :-)

Right now, I am in Copenhagen and will be until the end of March. Anyway, LOVE the tattoo. I could never get one myself (too much into pain avoidance), but you carry it off well. I do hope you will let the chest hair grow back though...not all the boys are into baby-butt smooth ;-)

Seriously, hope you are well!

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tatoo is perfect! And you do show more definition with your chest shaved.


11:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaving is still pagan. OMG are those abs again? I hate you and everything you stand for. So there.

Marry me.

4:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely!! original gorgeous!

5:59 PM


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