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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Southern Shootout 2007

What a great time this past Easter weekend was. Went with my team, the "Woofs Wackers" to Birmingham, AL to compete in the "Southern Shootout" softball tournament. This is our first tournament after having our team reform with a good few new members.

We left the ATL on Friday, I had taken off of work and decided to go pick up a few supplies and purchase some luggage (I discovered Thursday night that I had thrown all of mine away) that morning at Target. Then I went and got a tan and I had never gotten a manicure (I bite my nails too much but I had curbed that habit for the week) so I went and got one. I think everyone should get one. It's pretty relaxing. After that, I finally got my emissions for my car done...a month late. Ordered my car tag online, then finished packing and then went out the door to my teammate Hildebrant's house.

Once on the road, we swung by and got Larry from his house, and FINALLY were truly on the road. Hilde's driving was scaring the absolute SHIT out of me though :) He's a very aggressive driver and we were in a big car so it's not like anyone can get in his way! After a few gasps of breath and a definitive need for some tranquilizers, things calmed down and we spent the time discussing fantasy/sci-fi stuff we were both interested in while Larry zoned out in the back.

Friday night's party was kind of a let down. Usually its a very lively party but for some reason I just wasn't into it. We were hungry anyway and ended up at Surin (a thai restaurant I hadn't previously been fond of, but have a new appreciation for). I (admittedly) had a bit too much to drink (darn that Hildebrant and bringing vodka) so my friend Danny had to tell me to use my "inside voice"! HAHAHAH :) Surprising enough, this guy I had been chatting with online (woof) was there with his parents, but I was COMPLETELY oblivious to that fact (until he said something online the next week!)...I MUST have been trippin!

Well we turned in that evening early since we had 9AM games. We won one and lost one in round robin (not too bad) and then...frack it...we lost our first tournament game. It's double elim in tourneys so we were done for the night (since everyone plays on Sunday).

Attempted to orchestrate a nice dinner that night (while texting this young hot stud I had met in the lobby who was after my cookies) failed miserably, so we went to Mellow Mushroom (about 1/2 the team came) and we had a nice time sitting around, having some pizza pie, and chatty kathy.

Funny enough, hot young stud attempted to call me at MIDNIGHT (wanting my cookies) but, not having a room of my own (and NOT willing to subject my friends to that) I had to take a raincheck (and kick myself repeatedly).

Sunday rolled around with a 7AM (fracking 7AM) game that...well...we lost (although I was in the ZONE). Done. Finito. Ugly. Uuuuugly.


So we were done, packed up the car, hit the road and was back in town by noon. I picked up my dog, then proceeded to sit on my ass and play video games.

All in all, we had a great time...getting to spend some time with my new teammates was definitely the highlight of the event. Softball is definitely like a fraternity to me. This's going to be GAME ON, mofos!


Blogger Dash said...

wow . . I'm impressed with your ability to keep your horniness at bay and not have the hot boy come to your room . . your friend are lucky . . .
what a good guy you are . .

3:29 AM


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