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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where's my T?

So...interesting things have been afoot with the Glow-Go-Boy. Many MANY small misadventures.

Our softball season has started and yours truly is my team's starting shortstop again :) I'm not the greatest, but I think if I train a little bit, I'll be darn good. I think I have a better feel of what I want to work on.

I have been going out with this new guy Sean for about six weeks now :) He's awesome :) He is in the process of getting out of a lengthy (in years) relationship and we both agree he needs some "sew the wild oats" time so we're not tying on the wedding ring in the immediate future. We do, however, use the "B" word which makes me smile :)

We DO have a great time together...its very natural and there is quite honestly no pressure to go one way or the other and whether or not it works out eventually, we agreed that we will still have to be friends. I'm hoping for a happy ending, but I've always tried to believe, the fun part is just seeing where the road travels.

So here we are at my latest first 2007 Public Service Announcement. So, for those of you that have seen my pictures, you wouldn't think that I would be a sufferer of low testosterone. That's right...the reason I have been all calm and zen is because my testosterone is about half of what it should be. I am not all that surprised.

How did I know to ask? Well...embarrassing enough, my sex drive hasn't been what it used to be. Add to that some serious energy pitfalls after my gym sessions and not as much muscle gain as I would expect with the level of my regimen. I timidly talked to my doctor about it who offered to test my testosterone levels and lo and behold mine was at like 180 when it should be around 300+.

So I've been taking testosterone gel for about 2 weeks now. I definitely have MUCH more energy and my workouts haven't produced the energy k-holes like they used to. As far as the rest...well...its getting there. :)

Let's see..what else? I got a Playstation 3 and I absolutely love it! I haven't played my Nintendo Wii since I got it. I haven't had that much time!

What else has the Glow-Go-Boy been doing? (besides his new boyfriend?) Well the the 14th Annual Convention of the IAGLCWDC was this past Memorial Day weekend and I kicked up my heels all weekend (not in the literal sense you dirty scamps!) I hadn't been on the "Cowboy Circuit" for like 4 years and it was AWESOME to see so many of my old friends. I took Sean on the final night (I told him to stay away until the last day because if you take a non-dancer to a dance event...they end up BORED) and he had a good time! Even did a little two-step and did very well for his first time. We then went out to the Eagle so we could do a little bootie-shake with a new friend from New York, Andrew, who wanted to get out and see the town.

The Memorial Day Monday we went over to my best friend Danny's house for some D&F@P (That's "Drink and Food" at the "Pool" for you laypeeps). Sean is such a lightweight I love it ;) While I am downing pure bourbon, he's getting loopy off his first beer. He took a nap on the deck chair while we sat around the table and gossiped about his endowments. :)

The week flew by and it was time for Sean to run off to GayDays while I stayed at home with my softball commitments. I will say, he missed a couple of amazing games! I got a home run the first game and two AMAZING (audience gasping) catches. I even had a little fan club cheering me on at the 3rd baseline. :)

But now we're back in the sack (literally and figuratively). He did buy me this really neat pendant of an "N" for "Neon" :) I am wearing it right now as I type this. Funny thing was that before we talked, I had just bought him a T-shirt with a big "PP" imprinted on it with a tiny caption under it "I see you've noticed my big PP". I thought that was freaking hilarious (and very appropriate *wink wink nudge nudge*)

I should have some more interesting mis-adventures soon as well as some new pictures so stay tuned!


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