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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Geeking Out in San Diego

I arrived in San Diego on Friday night, leaving boyfriend to enjoy Atlanta Pride by himself :( I had a conference to attend at University California San Diego! This is the first PRIDE I have missed in the 9 years I have been in Atlanta. :( At least this would give me time to recover from the black eye (and 7 stitches) I got from a bad softball hop the week earlier! (Sean did, however, think it made me freaking HOTT!)

UCSD has a freaking huge campus! Because I had an early morning conference class on Saturday, I got to get out there on Friday. After arriving, we met up with some friends from last year's conference and had some food at the cafe around the corner and wandered the campus for a bit. They have this incredible library that looks like a spaceship!

With the sun still high in the air, Mike from UNLV, Steven, and I went to the nearby beach cliffs to watch the paragliders. After that, I was pretty much beat after having endured a four hour flight I crashed.

I woke up at the crack-of-butt dawn, a whole hour before I really had to get up for breakfast so I went running/aerobic exercising. Then I went to my first class (which was pretty good) and had the rest of the afternoon off. I decided to head down to the beach. The closest one happens to be "Blacks Beach" which is well known for it being the "nudie beach" where I definitely saw my share of penis (most of which I would have rather NOT, but there was this one guy that made the whole trip worthwhile!)

After the beach I went over and worked out at the campus gym. Later that evening, we had our big opening dinner and then afterward I grabbed a cab (after having an argument with the taxi company who didn't know where I was, and was trying to get me, to explain...well...where I was!) Fortunately another nice lady had previously called a cab (which was already in front of me) offered to share a taxi ride!

I went to Urban Mo's where I kind of hovered alone for awhile being a wallflower, just watching people and seeing who might be interested in a spin on the dance floor. Finally got some guts and asked this one kid to dance (he was a bit tipsy so it wasn't that enjoyable) but after doing a set of line dances, this chocolate cowboy (great lead) twirled me around like a tornado! I got a little sore from pulled groin so sat by myself at a table. Started talking with a group of women celebrating a birthday and then guys started coming over and introducing themselves.

One of them was this older thin guy recently moved in from Texas (not cute) who was a bit drunk. He was going commando and he landed his nuts on my leg and started basically fucking my knee. Of course I was utterly shocked by this behaviour (riiiight, huh?) But you could definitely tell through his pants that they really DO make them bigger in Texas. I did my best to be sociable, but couldn't get him away from me fast enough.

Met two of the bartenders, Mike and Brandon, at Urban Mo's. They each bought me a shot :) I thought Brandon was really cute in a bear cub kind of way. He had a chin piercing that was pretty sexy (I've always wanted one but I figure I have enough metal in my body!).

I met this bisexual girl named Briann (like bree ann) who was out with two of her straight girlfriends, Olivia and Renee, just hanging out. We started chatting and she said she was having girlfriend issues and asked if I would provide kind of an "outsiders" view. To make a long story short, the answer I told her is as follows:

"No. Not just no, but hell no. If 'yes' had two letters, you could say that, but it doesn't, so you say 'NO'. You are an attractive, obviously smart, very funny, woman and you deserve better than that!"

Her girlfriends were in full agreement with me!

After my stint playing "Dr. Phil" we just spent time laughing and they were asking stuff about my boyfriend Sean (I showed them his picture I had on my phone :) We also were asking Briann about lesbian sex and found out a few interesting tidbits about "how things work".

After awhile, another group of guys came over to chat, this REALLY hot blond guy Kris and his boyfriend, and this kind of strange Argentenian who boasted he was also the owner of a huge unit in his pants (10x7). I was like, "Are those AOL inches?" and he responded by forcing my hand down his pants. I groped around for a second and was like "oh......OH. Well you weren't kidding.".

So Briann lived a block away from UCSD so she offered to drop me off ( $50 cab ride!). As we and her friends walked to the car, this strange french guy followed us out and kept walking with us, just spouting off about something or another. I turned to him and laughingly said, " do realize we are only understanding maybe every third word your accent is so bad." and Briann laughed and said, "We have been wanting to tell him that all night!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John,
I like your blog. Olivia and i checked it first thing this morning to see if you put the pictures on. That teddy bear bartender was pretty cute. So again, have a safe trip home. Awesome meeting you. I'll keep tabs on your site to see how you're doing. Take care =)

10:45 AM


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