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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whos the Wiiner?

As Ricky Martin would say, I have been "livin la vida loca", peeps. Let me give you the scoop as I know some of you have been waiting with baited breath.

Things are still going great with Sean :) It's been 8 weeks now and we are still in that honeymoon stage (you know...googley all the time...LOL).

Let me tell you about something he did that pretty much won my little heart over. Sean has been really trying to get involved in various aspects of my life. He's already a well liked "Wacker Wife" by the guys on my softball team, the Woofs Wackers. He event went so far as to be a backup dancer with me for the 2007 Miss HSL Pageant! Its nice that he acknowledges how important softball is to me, but another aspect he's (hopefully) been enjoying are with video games!

One day he was talking smack that he could beat me, the master, and challenged me to a competition playing Nintendo Wii Sports. Of course, this is like having my manhood challenged so I wrote something snarky back and we proceeded to rip each other on who is the best (which he should have known better than to challenge my joystick manipulating ability by then LOL :).

So he comes over and gets out of the car and has facepaint on that says "WIIN" to which I thought that was the cutest thing. Even wore it to Publix as we went to get dinner fixings. Well after dinner, we stopped at my gaybors house, Sal and James, and they kind of looked at him curiously and asked "Why does Sean have "New" on his face?" to which I took a BETTER look at his face and he apparently had put his facepaint on IN FRONT OF A MIRROR! So what he thought was "WIIN" was actually "NIIW". I think I had just transposed it in my head because my coworkers and I use lazy instant messaging (like "what r u doing 2day?") so you learn to read the message not the transport.

I don't think I have laughed so hard or so long in my entire life!


Blogger Paisleywmn said...

OMG i just CRIED i laughed so hard... Slanoue is crazy! So cute, but crazy!

2:46 PM

Blogger Paisleywmn said...

OMG I just CRIED I laughed so hard! Slanoue is insane, very cute, but insane!

2:50 PM


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