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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jeepers Creepers, Mister!

My neighbor across the way, Lee, moved on to greener pastures (some boy in Florida swept her off her feet!) and my new neighbors are a soon to be married younger couple. Well Sean and I were heading to the gym and I noticed a new car parked in the driveway over there and I figured I should go ahead and introduce myself and offer welcome.

Well this very cute and petite girl answers the door with a broomstick in hand and I explain I am her neighbor and she's like "Great! I have to turn off the breakers in order for the power company to connect the house...but there are these crickets in there and I am scared because they jump all over and are freaking me out! I swear...I am normally not this girly!" and we laugh and I offer my butch self to go in there and brave the big bads.

Well...I was expecting something like this:

But it ended up being more like this:

So I went in, saw the tiny tiny innocent crickets on the wall (there were two of them), flipped the switches off and smilingly said "There you go!". Sean and I left out of the house to continue our day and when we got into the car, burst out laughing.

It is pretty cool dating another geek however we have some religious differences...hence this IM conversation regarding Microsoft vs. Open Source:

Sean: U and Open Source
Neon: LOL :) Someday your eyes will open! I will convert you!
Sean: people want a brand they can trust not a bunch of geeks running their life
Sean: HA
Neon: Maybe the sheep
Sean: I want to be pluged into the Borg
Sean: Resistance is futile. Hee hee!
Neon: Well you can have Mr. Gates babes :)
Neon: I'll sit pretty on an OS that actually WON'T get hacked within 5 seconds after installation
Sean: I will say that the Open Source community really does the leg work for Microsoft by developing the cutting edge stuff
Sean: Microsoft just makes it easier to the masses to use
Neon: LOL, and then the don't follow standards
Sean: People like glitz
Neon: I think I have plenty of glitz on my desktop
Sean: I guess I have to know my audience when I debate this issue
Sean: U are a techno head
Sean: when the computer goes bee-beep-bo (like R2-D2)
Sean: you go.... OH I understand that
Neon: beep beep bo bo?
Sean: I will just write a kewl script to solve that problem
Sean: But other are get frightened and they want a light fluffy little dog or paper clip to dance on the screen to tell them what to do next
Neon: bo beep bo bo zap-zap?
Sean: or to fix the problem
Sean: Understand now?
Neon: Whirr! Pew-pew!



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