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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh where, oh where, has my Nano gone?

Ugh. I was going to go workout (cardio) after my nap this evening, but I cannot find my iPod Nano. I pretty much rely upon it for workout music when I am doing step-aerobics (I even make my own mixes hehehe!). But alas...I have searched the car, my room, the entire downstairs three times, but I think I may have left it in my office. Crap. ( least I HOPE I left it in the office ;)

At any rate, this past weekend, Sean was up in one of the Carolinas at some work/Nascar thing while I was left home slaving away *sniff sniff* Hardly. :) I actually got called on Friday from my softball coach reminding me I had door duty at our host bar, Woofs. It just involves checking ID's and saying "Hello" and "Goodbye! Drive safe!"

I hadn't heard from Sean the whole weekend but I figured that boy had left his phone charger in his car (that he put in the shop). I was almost right as he had left the ENTIRE PHONE in his car (that was behind locked gates with a big dog guarding it as the shop had closed for the weekend).

When he finally did get in town, he used someone else's phone and asked me to drop by and pick him up to go get his rental car. We ventured down south to the airport and picked up a nice...NICE fire engine red Ford Mustang convertible. And Sean has NCF (New Car Fever) and is just bouncing off the walls. :)

Since my existing digital camera is a freaking BRICK from the 90's (it was kind of embarrassing to a technogeek like myself...I mean...I do have a rep to think about), I finally purchased a new one, a Sony DSC-S650. The reviews on it weren't astounding, but to me, it's a definite upgrade and I got it on sale (my favorite word!).

The 4th of July was a pretty great day! We had gone to sleep early and woke up...playful...but had plenty of time to catch an early show of the most amazing movie I have seen in awhile...TRANSFORMERS!

It was freaking amazing! I almost cried it was so good. Sometimes, when its like everything I dream of is escaping the confines of imagination, it just opens like a floodgate of emotion akin to having back all the wonder that kind of escapes you as you grow up. Sean told me that he had more fun watching me than watching the movie. I am sure I looked like a seven year old being taken to Disney World for the very first time. Now THAT is going to be a zero day DVD purchase!

After the movie, we went over to my friend Danny's house and sat around the pool, had a few drinks, had a couple of burgers. Very low key fun kind of time. :)

That night, Sean invited me to the rooftop of his condo to watch the fireworks. When we got up there, it seemed like everyone else had invited all of their friends as well, but we had a really good spot to watch the show from. It was kind of funny as this one guy, Sean told me, kept staring me down. He unfolded his hand like Freddy Kruger and said "snikt!" LOL :) Its sweet that he still gets a little jealous :) It was kind of awkward when a couple of his neighbors asked me where his ex was (they not being in the know yet) but I think I deflected their queries well enough (since its Sean's business to say something or not and I will respect that).

But overall, the 4th was just a great day. Definitely in my Top 10.


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