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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

June 11th, 2002

What a weekend. Had my sister, nephew, and niece in town. Now I realize that though the thought of having kids is cool...the reality is as harsh as the Sahara desert. Friday night of this past weekend was great. Got to hang with my best friend and do some serious talking with him. We've both kind of been at each others' throat stressing each other out. Mostly because we were both stressed with no where else to channel it. I should say things are MUCH better now. LOL. My sister, nephew, and niece arrived Saturday night, took them out to Roxx where we saw some softball buddies out. I got paid the best compliment by one of them. The gist of it was that I had a great attitude, always upbeat, always smiling and he wished everyone were the same. I don't think I could have asked for a better moment. It surprised me a bit, but after having kind of a crappy week, the Universe must have meant me to hear it. :) The secret to good child behaviour I have discovered is to buy toys and then promise them IF they behave. This was taught to me by my nephew. By the Universe!!! I think I might apply that to my dealings with gay men! After all, we are the world's biggest control group with "Peter Pan Syndrome". I could buy him a new glowstick or two and then tell him if he behaves, he can have them when we go to the "playground" on the upcoming weekend. *laugh* I think my last entry I confided that I've been feeling a bit lonely. And though that still kind of stands in the back of my mind, that day must have been full of melancholy because I am SO over that ;) (And "NO" I am not bipolar thanks ;P) A couple of things have been running through my head however. One is that boy (or should I say immature jackass?) from Alabama. Why he still plagues my thoughts is BEYOND me. I think it's in "The Best Interest of All (tm)" if I just call him and get it over with. There's not any closure I think and it's starting to rub me like a strawberry from a bike wreck. Sunday we lost one game (but played a GOOD game), had a dang forfeit on the other. I wish I had been hitting like I had in Saturday's practice. I still hit well, but never made it on base. Where I was hitting was just not where it needed to be...(by tarhootie!). Took today (Monday) off and took my family to the Atlanta Zoo. It's actually pretty nice. A little stressful with children, but a place I hope to go sometime with a "cohort" to explore and learn a little more about this fantastic world. So it's time for bed soon. Just going to finish up here and hit the sack. Hope you all had a great weekend.


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