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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

June 18th, 2002

I am tired. Hehehe. It was a very long day today of a sort. Traffic was a little bad going in to work, my software is misbehaving *grump*, and I just got home from a club meeting.

BUT it was a good day nonetheless... So I'm looking for a home...condo or house and let me tell's kind of a bitch. Mortgage rates, property values, blah blah blah. I'm wasting my money on rent however and it's way past time I start getting some capital.

I have needs and wants, just like every other imperialist American pig! LOL.

But seriously, this is something I've been meaning to do for awhile. It makes you feel like a real "grown up" however! I guess my days of Peter Pan-ing are almost at an end (for those of you that know me, you can quit laughing).

I think I need to join ICUII Anonymous. I'll admit it...I'm addicted. Video AND Chat at the same time? And there are some HOT guys on. (But just like PlayGirl...I just read it for the articles).

It's getting late and this weeks is ALREADY jam packed until Monday. Guess I'll be hitting the Red Bull hot and heavy this weekend. Gotta try and find some time to clean as the apartment is back messy again.

Tomorrow is another workout day. The results are starting to pay off (finally) but I'm really going to have to squeeze it in. I have to run home, work out, and then run to meet my friend for dinner and dance team practice that I need to speak at.

Other than that, it's been smooth sailing. I hope things are good for everyone out there on the net reading this. I'm trying to think of my next essay topic so if you have any suggestions, send em my way.

- DC


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