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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Crazy Times and another Home Depot Incident (what is it with this place?)

Gosh I am tired! Two weekends ago we had three softball games: 8AM, 11AM, and 1PM. The sun was high in a sky devoid of clouds. As the sun speared me with its intense heat and the sweat poured off of me, I feebly attempted to concentrate on not getting killed. I swear, in the last game, I just wanted to drop to my knees and be rolled off the field into the shade. I know afterwards all I wanted to do was crawl up on an iceberg and go to sleep!

So my latest endeavor should be titled, "Adventures in Dentistry" as yours truly has been trying to get his choppers into shape again. I haven't been in, like, a year and had to be doubly cleaned. Thankfully the staff and doctor are really nice and though I have to pay a large chunk-o-change up front (2k so far), I'm praying for the day that my insurance kicks in.

Sean took me to the Justin Timberlake concert where I discovered just how much of a "cracker" Sean is. After two glasses of wine, it became evident that the boy has no rhythm. I thought, however, that it was adorably hilarious and, of course, only engendered him to me even more. I mean, how can you not like (times seven) a guy who isn't afraid of having a great time? However, it could be said that he literally was marching to the beat of his own drum.

And then there is another "Home Depot Incident". Long time readers will remember that once, the help tried to get me to meet him in the bathroom (see previous blog entry). This one began with an innocuous enough call from Sean...

" me at Target. I need some laundry detergent." to which I readily agreed (because everyone knows I can't turn a trip to Target down) plus I needed to go to Home Depot to pick up some materials to experiment with building cabinet doors.

So I arrive and Sean is waaay down the lane near the power tools aisle (how appropriate) where I needed to pick up some 80-grit sandpaper to strip my cabinets. Well I walk up and he like, butts my chest with his like we were in football camp or something. I just waved that off as one of his many (loveable) oddities.

Then he started fondling me in the middle of Home Depot (which I am certain isn't a new scene for this particular Midtown location) and grabbed me and kissed me deeply (to which, of course, I melted...because he's damn good at it!).

I drew back and I swear...I think "I" got drunk from the fumes coming out of this boy. I thenI asked..."Errr...Sean...just how many HAVE you HAD?" (because as I think I have mentioned before...the boy is a lightweight!) Sean was tore UP after going drinking with the boss, trying to hang with the big boys :) I honestly don't care if people drink, but it chapped my ass that he drove and boy was I MAD. But its hard to stay mad and he now knows how much that bothers me.

So, dragging my intoxicated boyfriend through Home Depot on a quest for building materials for my cabinet doors. He decides that, " are not making these doors, I am going to BUY you new cabinets...I'll just put it on my credit card!" to which I respond (in a very Destiny's Child way), "Oh no. I can buy my own house and I can certainly buy my own doors. Hun, if I get you two more beers do I get a new car?" and I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

I mean, I like to make my own things in my house! I made the fireplace, several pieces of art, and refinished my staircase (which all look great by the way).

That was the best story of this period! But the best part? Tomorrow, we head for our "honeymoon" (HAHA, Sean!) to Berlin and Prague! Don't worry, faithful readers! All of you will get the play by play action and LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

Pray for me though...I am trying to limit myself to ONE SUITCASE! OMG the stress of what to bring and what not to bring!!!!


Blogger Paisleywmn said...

awww poor Sean.Lord knows the boy has no rhythm but he tries..LOL.. and the next time he is sloshed in Home Depot and wants to buy you cabinet doors, give me a call. He can buy mine! hahaa

10:38 AM


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