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Sunday, September 08, 2002

September 8th, 2002

I had this journal entry all written and then I closed the silly window! So here's my feeble attempt at re-creating what I said... After watching "Trading Spaces" this morning I got to see "A Wedding Story" that was about it's host Paige Davis and her (now) husband's wedding. This was a shock to me, because I actually teared up watching this show. It was very obvious that these two were really meant for each other and were what I will be looking for, a best friend and lover in one.

Good luck huh? *laugh* Keeping my chin up after getting knocked down his sometimes hard, but it's that or curl up and give up (and I won't give anyone that level of satisfaction *grin*). I joke online from time to time when I hear "Why don't you have a boyfriend" by saying "I'm just frigid" *laugh*. People never believe me for some reason...bitches.

So it was a nice quiet kind of weekend. Got to go shopping a bit, laze around the house enjoying my Stargate SG-1 Season Two box set I bought. I was a bit disappointed that my halloween supplies haven't arrived (I'm itching to finish this costume) but I did purchase some new hardware to build a piece of art for the hallway. Got to get some more pieces of it before I start working on it, but if it works out, I'll put a picture online for you to enjoy.

I'm being bad today and putting off working out because I'm feeling a bit down-trodden with my sinuses giving me a fever right now. I don't work out when I'm illin' because that just makes it worse. Going to pop my clarinex and a couple of tylenols and call it a night.

Monday, September 02, 2002

September 2nd, 2002

I'm BAAA-AACK! Fear me NOW! So after having EVERY freakin' test in the world and everything coming out clean, got put back on antibiotes and I'm feeling pretty good.

Three weeks of NOTHING was actually kind of good for the spirit. It made me appreciate that being active is MUCH more fun...that and I lost like 7 pounds. During my "infirmary" I did get to work on my Halloween costume some. I still have about another 0 or so of supplies and another couple of weeks to build it, but it is coming along :)

This thing is going to freakin ROCK. If I don't win any costume contests with this thing, I will be SURELY disappointed. I'll be posting pictures very soon once it gets to a workable state. I think you all will be suitably impressed.

Work has been good. I "spoke up" in a meeting and did not explain myself very well and it ended up sounding like me complaining rather than address the things I wanted to. Oh well...that will teach me to write things down. In fact, let me write a few things down now...


Okay, am back. Evertime I start this, I stop. No one is going to listen to me. I'm too young. I'm serious. There is an "old" vs. "young" mentality (and it IS true), there's a "good-old boy" club and a severe resistance to change even when it's needed.

Ugh. Now that my blood pressure is up...hehehhehe.

But I am enjoying my Mailing List project. I'm customizing the "look and feel" now. It's tedious, but I'm actually enjoying it now that I'm getting better with working with the templates.

Well the love life has been ON HOLD while I was sick. I'm trying to go out with a guy or two, we'll see if that works out. I've given them the "I'd Like To Go Out" and my cel phone number so the ball is officially "In Their Court (tm)".

Gotta get back to some "RealTime"!