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Thursday, December 19, 2002

December 19, 2002

So...what happens when you get a little liqour in ya? Ya do Karaoke...that's right...yours truly was playing like a contestant on American Idol last night at the Red Chair... And the amazing thing is that I wasn't that nervous (could it have been the double margarita with a shot of rasberry pucker?). I sang Garth Brooks' "The Dance". I think I shocked Ruby Red because though I wasn't amazing, I wasn't horrible ;)

LOL. So everything else has been cruising along well as of late. I'm in the running to be the team choreographer again. I was told last night that I am a great dancer and a very good choreographer but that I sometimes need to count to 10. LOL. Which I know is true, but when you only have an hour and a half a week to get it done, you'd be pushy too! But I can take it to heart and work on being "nice and pushy". :)

Almost Christmas. I've got a few more things to buy (my best friend's and his BF, and my other best friend).

Going up north to where my sister lives this year, then coming back in to pick up my other sister, then going back up and then coming back to Atlanta by New Year's Eve. I've GOT to design our outfits for the night! (*grin*).

Gotta dash, got to get back to work and then organize our office lunch @ The Vortex.

Monday, December 09, 2002

December 9th, 2002

Today was another non-eventful day, however, it was quite a productive day for me. So mail to the machine was not working and I got that fixed (remember to read the documentation available online when you upgrade...MORON). Found some new software for work, got modifications coming for that to make it work.

Personal life? Not too much to report new. This past weekend my best friend S was out of town so I hung with his partner M and we had a good time on our own. Red Chair for dinner on Friday with the Heretic wrapping up Saturday (yet again, but screw it, I'm enjoying myself).

I busted ALL of my Levi 501's, I think that my legs have gotten too muscular and they rip them so I switched to low-rise Levi 529's (32/30s) and love every inch of fabric. I really feel kind of sexy in these low-rise jeans.

Got some more of my Christmas done (thank goodness!) and hope to finish all that up soon. I swear I find more presents for me than my "list" :)

I'm really thinking of writing a new essay entitled: "You Are Your Own Cruise Director". It's meant to be kind of an inspirational essay about taking control of your life and gearing it torward happiness.

Working on compiling a special christmas album entitled "Just Because It's Christmas Doesn't Mean Your Music Has To Suck" :) LOL. Of course, I'm sure ppl will think my musical choices suck (but of course those are the uncool ones! LOL!).

So today I thought of the idea of making another journal set that is purely fiction on a website dedicated to an alter-ego named "August Daye" where his adventures are a little further out there off of reality. It could be funny...wouldn't be all that much work I don't think. Of course, our new friend August would be completely over the top GAY (and I am talking fruitier than a pack of Starburst). Will have to think on that subject a bit more...

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

December 3rd, 2002

What a weekend, boys and girls. So yet again, yours truly was OUT and ABOUT on the town stirring up trouble in as many ways as I could think of (well not really, but it sounded good!) So Friday was a fun dinner at the Red Chair (fabulous as always) where I wore my electric shoes that looked really good with my low-rise Levi's. Speaking of shoes, I ordered a pair today that you stick LIGHT STICKS in! HOW FUN IS THAT? They should be here by Friday and am looking forward to wearing those out this weekend.

But back to Friday, after the RC, we went to Hoedowns and had a decent time. I'm kindof over the music. I guess I've been spoiled by the IAGLCWDC events. But anyway, Friday turned into Saturday and that led me to go SHOPPING! That's right...for the first time in YEARS I am trying to get all my holiday purchasing out of the way. (and no I do not have a fever).

Saturday night arrived at the Heretic early enough to get an AWESOME parking space. I want to be honest, I don't consider myself a barfly, but I DO SO enjoy going and for those of you that want to be judgemental about that, oh well. It's the mixture of the music and the dancing and the people that I'm getting to know. It's actually quite social for me.

And in winter, that's saying quite a lot. I generally tend to hibernate in winter staying in the house and to myself.

So I think my workouts are starting to pay off. Since I've been forcing myself to go every day and doing a little bit more, I think my chest is a wee bit bigger. I could be imagining it all though in my pretend "It's all about DC" world that I tend to live in.

I bought my Christmas present to me this weekend. I have joined the TiVo-lution with the 80-hour TiVo. I am already SOLD on this product. It's AWESOME. I've got it recording all my shows. I also got DirecTV that's going to be installed soon. Then I'll be going crazy! My Sci-Fi Channel will be BACK! And you know how I loooove that idea.

A big ice storm might hit tomorrow, we'll have to see. Atlanta's so wussie when it comes to bad weather. Just freakin' drive slower you bitc*es!