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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Atlanta Pride 2004

Well this year's PRIDE celebration for me began on Thursday nite when I decided to go to Karaoke at the Red Chair. There was a possibility that two of the QaF stars were going to be onhand to sing but they didn't show. My friends S and her two straight women L and K did arrive after I sang for the first time. :) I sang "Superman" by Five for Fighting (a song I had been practicing for a week) and I think I did pretty dang good. :)

Friday I got to work from home (and I actually managed some work in spite of only 6 hours of sleep) and I met a gathering of my gay co-workers at GT for lunch at Las Margaritas.

After the rough and grueling work day (yeah rite) I took a nap and had a really bizzaro waking dream. For some reason I dreamt that I was driving in a car and I couldn't open my eyes (I was falling asleep at the wheel) and being pulled over by a police car (the red/blue lights were flashing) and having a serious heart attack at getting a DUI or something. Needless to say I presumed this was an omen and decided to completely and utterly NOT risk driving if I was going to have a drink at all this weekend.

Friday night found me (once again) at the Red Chair for my weekly dinner with S and M. We had reservations at 9:00 and I decided to enjoy myself with some fried catfish and two cosmopolitans.

I can pretty much say that THAT was not on the South Beach Diet (but it's PRIDE and I allowed myself to enjoy it). When we left the Red Chair it was about 12:30AM and there was a line all the way to the street (which is pretty far from the entrance) so I'm very glad we went early. I went home alone, thanx :)

So Saturday I moseyed on down to Piedmont Park where the PRIDE festivities were going on and on my way stopped by my friends' B and M's house (it's near the park) and helped them move this tent that they "rescued" from some lesbians on the beach at Gay Pensacola.

After a hilarious hour or so, we finally managed to A) get all the pieces of the tent to the park B) figure out how to put it together as we had no instruction book.

At this point S and a friend from back in college and her GF arrived and we trundled around the boots picking up all sorts of crap. I bought two pairs of sunglasses (one pair I really really like that are red, the other is a pair of harley biking goggles that I figure might be useful for softball...dorkey but as with first). Knowing a long evening was to be had that night I called it a "day" about 5PM as we were heading to the Jungle for their "Studio 54" retro 70's party that night. And I had big plans for my outfit...

So after resting, taking a bath, and generally relaxing, I started my transformation into a 70's disco slave. Borrowing some ideas from the show "Laugh-In" I painted large colored spots on my chest and arms and then put a layer of glitter over it. Dressed in a pair of plastic shorts and matching pleather alligator cowboy hat I took to the club with S and K.

We arrived a bit early (they opened at 10) and were some of the first in the door (which is OK) and they had 70's retro spinning. The crowd slowly grew until around midnight when the party was in FULL swing. I mean everyone was having a good time, singing to all these tunes we knew the words to and THEN around 12:30 it all switched to the 80's and the crowd just about went wild with all the awesome music.

It was such an awesome night that I was sad to go home (alone again, yes) at 2:30 but I had a brunch to go to on Sunday morn before the PRIDE Parade. I wasn't all that tired so I stayed up and watched an episode of Stargate SG-1.

So Sunday I woke up and S called checking in on me and told me she heard it would rain. I thought about what I was going to wear (a pair of jean shorts and a tank) and changed my mind. There is NOTHING worse than wearing cotton when it rains. So instead I put on this bathingsuit with a VERY hawaiian print on it (very loud) and a white tank top with the PRIDE colors on it.

Brunch was a festive event at the home of B and M whom I had dropped in upon the day before. Many of the Wackers were there and had out of town friends in tow and as the morning wore on we ventured off to watch the parade.

Well we didn't get too far into the parade before the rains started...and I'm not talking sprinkle...I'm talking utter downpour with thunder and lightning. I took my shirt off, put it in a pastic bag and proceeded to walk the 10 blocks or so to my car. As I went along I was flattered by a few comments from people and had several point out that I was smart by wearing a bathing suit :)

After I got home, the rain stopped and the sun came out. THEN it rained again and then the sun came out (again). Then it rained again and I was NOT going out (because as you well know, sugar melts in the rain).

So after a few episodes of Stargate SG-1, I was off to bed as I had to work on Monday.

My PRIDE adventures are kind of what my life has become. Fun...very enjoyable with very little drama. This is good, but I'm hoping that Mr. 80% Perfect will come into my life sooner than later. :) I'm not holding my breath because my life goes on...and I'm going to make it one I don't regret!

Sunday, July 25, 2004 continues for me...

I'm feeling I guess that's as good a word as any. And I think that for might be the best word to use. As I watch the world around me move into alignment...I mean I am 30 years old, I'm starting to look for a home home, I'm fairly certain I'm progressing in my social life with the softball team is good.

I'm filled. :) But it's not FULfilled I guess. I'm filled with trepidation over looking for my new home. I'm filled with a little bit of wonder as I'm really curious what the Universe has in store for me. It seems somewhat important for me to try and divine that...perhaps to give me a better direction because I really have felt like I have been in some kind of limbo state.

I'm a little tired...more emotionally than physically. This house hunting (we went to see like 7 properties today) is rough on a body. We found some very nice spaces...but none of them felt like a HOME I guess. I'm sure that this won't be the ONLY place I will live *laugh* but it needs to feel like a home I guess. My mind still goes back to this two story townhome that we first looked at. Sure it's two exits more up the Interstate...but it felt like it could be a home. A little suburban yes...but thats actually kind of who I am...I just have to figure out if that's who I want to be. Buying a house is like picking a tattoo...except the tattoo costs less *laugh* I really really want my 3rd tattoo already...they ARE addictive.

Speaking of tattoo, had to go to the parlour to get my nipple ring beads replaced. I got these kind of flashy reflective looks like light blue tiger-eye beads in their place. Now that I know how easy it is to replace, I'm thinking of changing them every so often now...just to keep changing...change is good :)

Well the rain is coming down...and I am right now thinking how much I would like to just go and stand out in fact...though it's pretty damn silly...I'm going to do that. And then take a nice LONG HOT BATH :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

THIS is supposed to be enjoyable!?!??!

*laugh* So I'm house hunting (or rather condo/loft hunting). So this process really really sucks :) I'm not poor, but I definitely can say I have diamond tastes on a blue-collar budget. I found this really cute and awesome space, but I'm really not willing to shell out THAT much cash on the place. I mean...that would like ruin my DVD budget! *laugh*

But after I calmed down (because I SERIOUSLY wanted the space) I am going to chill and look around some more. I'm sure that something super awesome will appear and I will be like "THIS is it" and have absolutely no doubt.

So if I could even remotely afford any of the 3rd floor lofts (I probably can't) at Dynamic Metals Lofts I would like totally be there. I really want a loft but I want one with enough space and ideally a second floor (or loft area) for my bed or my office space. Something will come up that I'll really love. Lofts are being built pretty much all over now so I'm going to wait and see. If you have some Karma to spare...send a little my way (just close your eyes and make like a mental gift) because in a way, hunting for a home just freaking sucks.

I slacked off today and only did about 1/2 of my workout routine so I'm feeling like a slack-ass! I was tired from the stress of running around thinking that I might actually be putting a contract on this one loft (which was a super awesome space) but really needed to be a lower price and I would have grabbed it.

Work is going really good. I have a new boss (because of a reorganization) and kind of a renewed interest in the projects that might be coming my way in the near future. I just hope I can tag into some of them...they're way complicated and will keep my gears churning for quite some time.

I need to get off my arse and learn object oriented PHP programming. I think I'll go buy a book on it. Our youngest (and latest hire) I am jealous of because that's how he codes and it really seems to make a good bit of sense...

I can't wait to get all this CRAP out of my house too! I have loads of shtuff that has been donated for a garage sale to benefit the Wackers (softball team) on our "Quest for the World Series" PLUS I have to put on my blue wig again and become "Neon'ce" and come up with a comedy routine and start practicing really soon! I have an idea of what I can do :) *evil evil grin*

So I am tired now and have probably gone zig and zag in my thought processes and you're thinking I'm psychotic...I'm really just tired and felt I had to tell ya'll ALLLLL about the HELLLL that is looking for a permanent (or semi-permanent anyway) home :)

To all of you that have successfully done this before...I raise my cap to you!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Wack Pack is Back!

So that big news I promised last post is burning a hole in your brain, yes? :) Well here it is..."I saved a lot of money by choosing Geico"...well...just kidding!

Let me lay some groundwork before I actually reveal...last weekend, my softball team, the Woofs Wackers, was tied for first place in our division and we had the deciding two games on Sunday. Our games were EARLY in the morning, the first against the Jazz and the second against our "supposed" nemesis team, the Amigos D.

Having suffered defeat the previous two games because of over stressing, most of us decided to put on the "F*#!-it" attitude. Whether we go to the Gay Softball World Series or not, we wanted to have some fun. Tension was pretty much non existant. We had even had the previous day's practice very relaxed and geared torward mostly hitting the ball.

The Jazz is a really fun team to play and have some pretty good ball players, and beating them loosened us up for our next game...the deciding game between the good and wholesome Wackers (yay!)...and the cocky and self-aggrandizing Amigos D (boo!). (I'm very much kidding about the "boo!" because I have a friend on the team)

As we warmed up for the game, I placed my hands on the earth and spoke aloud to the Universe and this is what I said:

"I have always found my faith in the balances of Karma and energies to be true...but if ever my faith is to be confirmed...let it be today..."

Why would we potentially deserve to have Karma swing our way? Why shouldn't the Amigos D deserve it as much as we did? What I am about to write is simply my opinion and observances from the season...truth is subjective so take what you know and make your own this time I had to just sit back and see if the Universe truly was as balanced as I believed...

First off there were several times when our opponent "talked smack"...and in that there is a difference between "talking smack" and being a "complete and utter *&$@"...their approach was from the "complete and utter" school of thought. Second, we Wackers have always composed ourselves to be good sportsmen...our coaches would have our hides if we didn't...and so would our teammates. Because we were first in our seemed that we were now the "hated" team...which to me was mind boggling! We hadn't changed...we weren't braggarts...we just had fun and were fun to play against. I mean...sure we are pretty good, but there were no "shining stars" as our coaches would say. It was the mesh that created the team and our strength.

So the game began and right off the gate we scored, 1..2..3..4.5..! Woo! Unfortunately the next inning they scored 1.2.3...4...5! Boo! So it continued this way until about the fourth inning where we got a homerun when we needed it to bring the score to like 9-5. We kept our cool in the field and let a few scores in but then when at bat we kept hammering at them (the hitting fairy was on our side) to bring the score to 20-9 with about 0:30 on the clock with the Amigos D owners of the last bat and with TWO outs already.

If we got the third out, we would bat and then they would have last their first baseman (who is incidentally a girl and a VERY good ball player...but has some unfortunate personality flaws...mainly that she composes herself as a complete $#@%!) flubbed a hit on purpose in an attempt to get out at first so that they would get a bat again (wise strategy). Our pitcher picks it up and OVERTHROWS first...and I'm like for a second or two stunned because this was our coach! He overthre...wait..wait...that just allowed the timer to go out...umm...?

One minute later, we go the third out and the Wackers, are going to the Gay Softball World Series (again!!!)

How exciting is that? So now we have about 4-5 weeks to raise about ,000...the "Sugar Daddy Committee" (three of us) are planning and budgeting and organizing things so we can make our deadline. I am a bit "intense" as a friend of mine says and I lack some of the more "political savvy" of our I think I'm going to change some of my "tactics" and try a few new things to try and incorporate into my dealings with people on this event. I know I have a lot of growth and development in the leadership arena...time will tell.

So wish us luck! August 14-20th in Dallas, TX because we're going to play ball!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Fourth of July in Columbus, Ohio

So I have lots to report on, but I'm going to save the BIGGEST news for the next post (I know you're breathless with anticipation!)

So Fourth of July weekend was spent in the grand city of Columbus, OH. I was in the area for the 11th Annual IAGLCWDC (look it up) country western-dance convention and competition.

Early afternoon on Thursday I was at the airport laughing it up with S who after I joked about being in the "bourgeois" section upgraded me to 1st Class (he's so sweet) while I was in the bathroom. :)

So we land in Columbus and it's pretty warm and dry (not humid like the ATL) and we hitch a taxi to our hotel. As I checked in, the desk girl noticed that my room rate was higher on Saturday so she checked and actually got me the lower group rate (which was SUPER awesome...go Hyatt!). I was staying by myself for the weekend (for some peace and quiet...or if I managed to get a piece and riot LOL!) and I went to my room to take a bath for a bit before dinner.

So S and I go down into the lobby later to go eat down the street to Union Station with HH. When we arrive in the lobby, a group of our friends from the team "The Othersiders" from Columbus, OH have congregated and I am surrounded by hugs from all these handsome boys :) Felt like they were playing "toss the Neon" (but different from the "toss the Neon" game I play by myself HEH! :)

So after eating a GREAT salad at Union Station we went up and down "short north" shopping at a variety of stores in which one, "Torso", I found a new and REALLY cool glow-necklace. This one is SUPER bright and annoying so of course you know I fell in love with it in an instant!!!

After shopping, we decided we needed to go by registration and get our packets and name badges. There we ran into H whom I had helped sell "dangles" for previously and she looked at me and said "I was wondering when you would get here, I need to know your schedule" to which I replied "I'm RETIRED, Helen" and she got all huffy and pretty much didn't talk to me the entire rest of the weekend and completely avoided me at all times. This is FINE with me...I try to help out a few times, but ended getting up treated like Cinderfella and being her bitch. I like H and in order to preserve what I considered to be our friendship, I had to stop working with her before I ended up saying something TRUE...but something I wouldn't take back.

Thursday night found us at their local "country" music bar (once a week) called "Wall Street". I got to hang around and see quite a few of my dance buddies and meet some new ones. It had been a long long day so we retired fairly early (and yes...alone :)

Friday I slept in and went to the gym early and then went to eat by myself. Not much happened during the day, I just moogled around waiting for the night's festivities.

Friday night was the first "official" nite of the convention with a big dance at the host hotel. Lots of two-stepping and line-dancing fun! Got lots of compliments on my cute outfit of retro paisley, corderoy flare pants, and my LA style cowboy hat (which I totally love). :)

City fireworks were that night and we went out and attempted to enjoy the show, but we had nasty buildings in the way for most of it until we moved even further down the street. A few conventioners were outside the hotel (two guys) resting on each other and this little straight boy standing behind them moved because I guess he thought he would get "cooties" from us gay folks and kept pointing at them and kind of laughing. I wanted to take him by the neck and wring it, but I just shook my head sadly and wondered when people will every really understand the words "humanity" and "empathy".

Saturday was the competition and there were some amazing performances. Our friends "The Othersiders" took overall with their routing which WAS flawless. The team from Florida, "The Rough Riders", had a cabaret routine based on "Queen of Denial" that was QUITE a production and I enjoyed that thoroughly. Had large pyramid props and this floating Cleopatra bed that had to have cost not only a pretty penny to create, but also to ship it to Columbus.

Saturday nite there was yet another dance, but I wanted to go OUT OUT so me, B>S our friends Lissa and "Spandex-T-man" made our way to "Tradewinds" which was a little dance bar across the street that made THE strongest drinks I've had in quite awhile. While there I actually met up with one of the guys from "Out In Columbus" website and introduced myself. The look on his face when I said "You don't remember who this is?" was like that of a bear getting caught with his hand in the honey. LOL! I told him it was "Digital Cowboy" and his face lit up with recognition (although I think he was pretty drunk so I was a little surprised HEHE).

Sunday's big event for the day was the "Stompers Show", a benefit for five of their sponsored non-profit groups. There were performances by (of course) the Columbus Stompers, the Columbus "Flaggots" (a flagging group that was VERY VERY awesome...LOVED it), and a couple of drag-queens that were JUST hilarious. Afterward was some open dancing but I wanted to get my groove on again so grabbed my friends and went to Tradewinds again.

While there I met a really cute guy (at least I thought he was cute) that we flirted with each other on the dance floor. He had one of the most genuine smiles I have ever seen and if anything, I'm a sucker for a big smile. He turned out to be 23 but MAN he found a couple of G-spots I didn't even know I HAD! LOL :) I'm telling on myself, but hey, it's not like you've never done anything like that, whore.

Returned to town on Monday afternoon and went RIGHT to sleep...

Want to hear the BIG BIG news now? TOUGH! You'll have to wait until the next post...but trust's EXCITING!