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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And thus the holiday season begins...

So Happy Turkey Day everyone! This is my first post after the Thanksgiving holiday and so I feel it is appropriate to talk about my trip!

I left Atlanta on Wednesday and trucked all the way to my hometown of Lumberton, MS. It's a small town about 20 minutes south of Hattiesburg. It was dark when I arrived, having stopped in Heidelberg, MS to visit some college friends of mine for dinner and to see their baby (and their twins in the oven..and no I ain't talking about Hansel and Gretel!).

The first day back I helped my Mom remove some debris from the house and rip apart the deck fencing which was destroyed. Then we went to my uncle's house and had a proper southern Thanksgiving, complete with cornbread stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce (and WAY too many deserts to choose from). After that, I spent some quality time with my nephews and nieces running around the park. That night my nephew decided to stay at my Mom's so I had to go pick him up and we just ended up playing with legos and watching TV.

The trip home was fortunately uneventful (other than the hour and a half delay near Tuscaloosa, AL because of some wreck) and when I got into Atlanta Saturday night...I totally crashed.

Sunday I think I pretty much played World of Warcraft (I have to go buy this game fact I'm going to go buy it on my way to the gym tee hee).

Monday I ran a few errands (I had taken off in case I wanted to stay in MS...but I didn't...) and went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I must say I was very impressed. Of course they left alot out...but the book was HUUUUGE.

So now I think it's time to make a simple list of the things I am thankful for (Geez...I feel like I'm in elementary school).

I am thankful for my family (both blood and friends).
I am thankful for the gifts the Universe has bestowed upon me... mind (agile, quick, and creative) body (and the drive to build it at the gym) inner spirit (the soul of a dolphin in the body of a man)
I am thankful for my dog, Xena. Without her, who would I pour my heart out to?
I am thankful for my awesome job where I can be myself and contribute.
I am thankful for my incredible neighbors and my home.
I am thankful for the opportunities that life has presented me and for the evolutions that have taken place because of them.

Friday, November 18, 2005's cold in here...

So Fall/Winter is settling in over Atlanta as the mornings turn frosty and splays of ice crystals form on my windshield. Things have kind of been in a holding pattern lately, but that is a good thing. Fall Softball season is over and I am hoping that will allow me to spend more time with friends on my weekends.

I have been quite lackidaisical about some of my responsibilities and I just took on more with my being elected president of my homeowner's association. When they elected me I turned around and laughingly said "And I shall rule you with an IRON HAND!" :) I think it will be interesting to see how much work this will be and I think I have enough people helping. I am a good delegator I just have to get to know the rest of the residents better. I think I might have a little holiday cocktail party sometime and invite the neighborhood. :) socially has been oddly interesting. I won't quite tell on myself, but I have had a couple of adventures recently. And MAN did I need that. Check please! One instance was just after the gym on my way out...felt just like I was in some bad porn film...but OH it was GOOD *angel smile*

I am heading to Mississippi next week to help my Mom do some repairs on her house from the hurricane Katrina. It was only some superficial damage and I've learned to be a little bit of a handy-man. We'll see won't we?

I'm hoping to make a number of my Christmas presents myself this year. I have enough tools and raw supplies to make a few cool things I believe. My artwork is getting interesting to me...I'm glad I enjoy it as these cold winter months settle upon us.

Gymtime is going awesome, my new workout partner, Betty (a real gurl...yes) is this tiny woman (the sister of a friend who is now my friend) and she is KILLING ME :) Rather...I am killing MYSELF at the gym...but now I at least have someone to help me lift the heavy weights. I am SO glad I have her around as I want to get BIG. I've never been this athletic before and I am enjoying the heck out of the results. She does, however, make me do more leg exercises and her abdominal workout is just about torture :)

I am on a quest for a cheap decent digital camera. Nothing fancy as I don't need a googlepixel...just something small and light to take web presentable pictures with to spice up this blog :)