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Friday, May 27, 2005

*laugh* SO...was I in a bad mood or what?

I'm out of my funk. I'm just doing like that Rascal Flatts song and "I'm Moving On" :)

This weekend should be both fun and tiring for me. This is the Hotlanta Softball Challenge weekend where we have 48 teams from around the US coming to play softball. I stupidly offered to be the volunteer coordinator and trying to organize this is turning into trying to create light out of chaos. In order to succeed I have to turn of my structuring brain and just go with the flow. And it's EATING ME UP! *grin*

I also do the league website and there have been so many updates that I started coding the web pages so that I can manipulate data very quickly :) It really has taught me quite a few things and given me some fun ideas that I hope to try in the future with the league site.

But I have to say, I have been rewarded for my efforts with a room for the weekend at the host hotel. They recieved a few comp rooms because of the number of rooms we booked for the tournament and they offered me one. So it'll be like a mini vacation this weekend :)

Arkansas is actually going TO Arkansas this weekend to be with family but tentatively will be dropping in on me next weekend. Hopefully I'll have the KITCHEN FROM HELL completed by then. Playing ball this weekend is cutting into my kitchen upgrade time BUT life goes on and it's not like the paint should still work next week eh?

Last weekend we played in the HSL Commissioner's Cup (a small tournament for local teams only) and we came in 2nd. We got beat by the Cowboys...but they played some damn good ball so I'm not upset :) It was two hours on Saturday and FOUR hours straight on Sunday. If we had won our last game, we would have had to play ANOTHER set of seven full innings so the fact that I was the last out (with a perfect hit directly to 2nd base) didn't make me feel that bad. >:)

So other than painting the kitchen and doing softball work, there really hasn't been too much physical going on in my life right now. There are quite a number of internal issues (most of them are good) and a few self-discoveries (of which I don't have time to discuss right now because I am fixing to be late for a meeting).

Gotta go! Will report after the tournament!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am SO pissed right now.

BUT what was said by someone in a drunken haze...but you know...those times are usually when your true feelings come out.

It's really sad that people don't understand altruism. They can't see outside the "what's in it for me" box. Karma is one do good things and create positive energy and good things will flow back into you. My life is a prime example of the truth in this.

Too bad not everyone is on my level. Perhaps that's part of the dilemma of faith that I seem to be having lately. I have lost faith in people. I think I lost faith a long time ago and just didn't realize it.

I'm tired and I have one hell of a weekend (Hotlanta Softball Challenge 2005) that I need to be in ship shape for.

Too bad it might be tarnished by a thoughtless comment from a selfish person who just doesn't understand me or why I do things and sometimes even the very things I do.

Vague I know...I'm just not prepared to get into it right now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And the Saga of the Kitchen (Episode III) Begins

Trying to finish up the day at work (and you really can't start anything at 4:45) so I decided to update this blog. Life has been continuing along it's path relatively quietly as of late :) Hey...even "I" am surprised about that.

I did manage a couple of trips up to Rock Hill, SC to visit Arkansas Man. I brought up "where things stood" one night just to know where we stood. With the potential for another LDD (long-distance-disaster LOL) he said things were basically still casual. I can honestly say I was a tiny bit disappointed, but later I kind of laughed it off and thought "What are you thinking anyway?" I do think he's pretty cool tho. Have a good time together and there's really no pressure. I guess things will progress where they will. I think it's human nature to want to know how the story ends. *grin* Where's my damn crystal ball? (I can only find my disco ball!)

But now I have destroyed my kitchen and have a major project on my hands. I stripped all the wallpaper off the walls (that took about 3 days or so) and now I've selected the paint colors and I'm concerned I am going too dark! The cabinets are going to be black and the walls are going to be a deep wine color. Great thing about paint (and boyfriends) can always back up from a mistake! I'm willing to take the risk and see how things develop. (Sounds like my romantic interests too LOL!)

Softball has been on hold due to a couple of weeks off and a rain out. We have some EAAAARLY games this Sunday (ugh) but I have a party with my gaybor's this Saturday that I'm looking forward to just stumbling home (two doors down).

I was BAD and purchased a new Apple iPod Mini Blue (6GB). I have the 1GB iPod shuffle but I am finding that I need playlists. I figure this way I can listen to quiet music every once and awhile. I also have a few albums I want to listen to while walking around. Hopefully I have someone that might want to buy my shuffle from me to help pay for the expense of the new mini.

While up visiting Arkansas Man, I did find a new pair of black dress sandals I like and I bought a new PSP (PlayStation Portable) game, "Untold Legends". Somehow I'm doing pretty good on cash at this stage in the month. I'm curious what bill I forgot! LOL :)

I have volunteered to be the "Volunteer Coordinator" for an upcoming softball tournament here in Atlanta. I figure I'm good at being bossy so why not put that skill to good use? :) I'm sure there will be a big update after that event.