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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hyperproductivity (It's the new word)

So I feel totally awesome about this past weekend. :) I feel like I accomplished ALOT.

Friday at lunch, my neighbor and I grabbed some chinese food and then replaced his wall outlets and disposal switch. Friday night I helped do an HSL sign-up (for softball coming in March). Saturday I pretty much spent the day with my neighbor/friend Nick. We went to Cost Plus World Market (amazingly I didn't find anything that I absolutely had to have) followed by lunch at Jason's Deli. Man...I could TOTALLY eat there every freaking day. Not only is it healthy's TASTY! Saturday late we went to the gym and really pushed the leg workout (my legs are still sore, but this is good because I don't want to be the guy with pulled muscles on the softball field) with a few hours of chilling on the couch after that.

I got bored around 9:45PM and decided to head out to Hoedowns for a few rounds on the dancefloor. Went there and got two of the biggest compliments :) Made me smile for the rest of the weekend.

The first was from this guy David who I used to dance with all the time (hadn't seen him in like a year) and he asked me "You know...I haven't seen you in awhile but you still look the same as you did seven years ago...what's your secret?" I had to laugh at this point because either he was saying that I looked older when I was younger or that I still look younger now that I'm older. :) I think I will opt for the second of those choices, eh? I just told him it was clean living, plenty of exercise, and laughter every day!

The second was when I was on my way out, I was picking up my jacket and this girl said "Hi" and I said "Hi" and smiled and she asked "So, I have to assume you are here for a reason." And I said "Um...what do you mean?" She said, "You like guys right?" to which my eyes lit up with a little laughter and I replied, "Afraid so." with a cheshire grin. She rolled her eyes and said "Dammit, all the cute ones ARE gay." and I just smiled really big and gave her a hug and thanked her for the compliment. I think that one will keep me smiling all week.

Sunday I woke up LATE (11:00!) and got my groove on to run some errands. Target for lightbulbs and then THREE (yes THREE) different department stores trying to find Levi 527 33x32's. And NONE of them had my size. I was/am completely disgusted by that. I am just going to say F-it and order them online. (Bitches.)

I will have to say this, I have chatted online with a few guys, gave them my phone number, and NONE of them have called. I am casting the line, but there obviously aren't any fishes in this ocean. *laugh* So, I just put on some Michael Buble and chill things out. Grab a cup of wine and dance with myself for awhile ;) I swear, the Universe has me in a "holding zone" or something. I feel like a crime scene with everything taped off with "Do Not Enter" (pardon the pun) :) Not complaining...well...maybe a little *laugh* I have plenty of stuff keeping me occupied. Billiard Team, Softball coming up, World of Warcraft, Home Improvements, and of course the well loved gymtime :)

I'm supposed to go practice pool tonight at Miss-Qs and I am totally looking forward to that. After two weeks ago's win...I think I am learning...slowly...:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another day in paradise!

So the weather here in the ATL isn't so bad this year. It's so temperate as to be almost scary. Softball season preparations have started up and I am behind because I have to wait on people to get off their butts to get me information. As my coaches of my best qualities is that I give 150% all the time...but that it's also one of my worst qualities because I always expect that of other people.

And that is totally true. I don't want to change the "me 150%" and part of me wonders if I MUST change the "other people 150%". I guess I should in order to avoid being continually disappointed *laugh*. I do get comments all the time like "geez, you are involved in so much" but my life has always been like this and I know no other way. I like to be active. Lord pity the fool that decides he wants to date me (although I feel I would definitely make time for him...I haven't had to in so long tho...could be quite an adjustment).

But the homestead improvements have been going well. This fireplace is taking FOR-FREAKING-EVER. I'm finally able to start grouting the top (which is a bit hard) as you can see from this picture:

It's pretty interesting having to pull out all of my MacGuyver Technology (tm) abilities just to get this done. But having all this experience on this particular job will make it extremely satisfying when it's done!

Didn't play pool this week (we had a "by week") but I am hoping to get some practice in before our next games. I just really want to finish the fireplace first.

No boys to speak of (another dry spell) so no juicy tidbutts to share with ya'll. But with softball season up and coming, we'll see...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 all its craziness :)

So I was having a discussion with one of my online buddies about his desire for a new puppy and here's the discussion that I thought was too funny not to post!

(13:30:10) Friend1: But honestly, lately I'm more excited over a puppy than a man.
(13:30:29) Neon: kewlies :)

(13:32:53) Friend1: And I can take her walking in the park at lake Eola. CUddle with her at night and she won't care what I look like orthe kind of person I am. Ahhh, perfect love.
(13:34:40) Neon: lol, lord you are just about codepedant
(13:34:43) Neon: :)

(13:36:00) Friend1: Shut up! I deserve perfect love from something other than an amoeba

*laugh* I know how he feels sometimes...(for maybe about five seconds *tee hee*)

So this week has just about FLOWN by. For MLK holiday weekend I was up in the house working on my new mantle for the fireplace. I only completed the shelf and the mortar and tile, but here is a picture of my efforts so far:

SO the above is how I spent most of my weekend, but I'm fairly proud of it having never attempted a project like that before. I'm not so much afraid of doing that anymore...

But Tuesday night (last night) we had pool league (billiards) and for the first time I actually WON my match! I won 2-1! (yay) I was playing against a player of equal skill so it was a fun game. I never felt totally fucked (like when you are playing an awesome player) and we both made some mistakes so I do feel like I did well. I just have to get off my ass and practice some more. But one of my teammates offered to play with me outside of our team night so I plan on taking her up on that.

Stayed out WAY too late last night and just could not get up and was late into work. Ugh. I got through work (it was a crappy day when nothing went right) and then came home to meet up with two of my buddies for dinner before our softball team meeting.

It was pretty interesting but one of my teammates looked at me and said "Girl, you have put on some WEIGHT" and I feel pretty damn self conscious about now. Granted...I'm nowhere near as skinny as I was around this time last year, and I have a little bit of improvements to do on ye old love handles, but I have been TRYING to gain muscle mass and put on a little weight. You can't really put on muscle AND get skinny at the same time. But I have been on a small diet for the past week (I splurged tonight and had fried food to try and get rid of this stomach ache I got from eating a me...that's the way my body works). I mean...I have to look at the source and the fact that, yes I'm not skinny anymore. I would like to at least think I'm "sturdy"...but perhaps that is me fooling myself? LOL :) I dunno...all I can do is work torward making myself happy with my body image. I'm not unhappy...but I know it needs a little maintenance.

Blah blah, you're probably thinking...and perhaps...but we're all our own worst critics...unfortunately sometimes too harshly. I hope I never get THAT mental about it. :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holiday Season 2005 (And Beyond!)

Great ganking goblins, Batman! It's been forever since I have updated this blog and though lots has happened, not too much has changed.

The holidays this year were a good time for me. I had my Second Annual Christmas Eve Dinner and a Movie event with about 10 people in attendance. I had made my speciality "Chicken Yummies" (and if you ever get to try them, you'll know exactly why they are called thus) and it took me three and a half hours to make 48 "yummies" for the dinner that evening. I don't think I've ever cooked that long in my whole life (and that explains why I am not a professional chef too). But we had "yummies" and a great spread of salad, baked beans, mashed taters, and for dessert we had this banana rum chocolate cake (which explains the four pounds of fat I gained over the holiday ;)

Christmas day we had the Second Annual Jewish Christmas which consists of watching a movie and then going for Chinese :) The early morning was great, woke up, had 8 Cinnamon Rolls (an additional pound of fat) and played World of Warcraft. LB and L and I went to see "Chronicles of Narnia" which though very impressive was a bit quiet and less adventurous than the Harry Potter films are. After the movie we hooked up with another friend S and had dinner at Hong Kong Harbour. The waiter kept trying to say something, but I couldn't understand what the heck he was saying so I just nodded and said "OK, OK, OK". *laugh*

After spending WAAAAY too much at the "Boy Next Door" (a small boutique here in Atlanta with some of the best sales racks ever :) the day after Christmas, I then had to start packing for my trip to Arkansas to visit my family. Four days with my Mom, 2 Sisters, 2 Brother-in-laws, and 4 kids. Would I even survive? you can see (by my being here to post this blog), I did indeed survive! Although I must mention that I think that children are nothing but breeding cesspools of sickness! :) I got a cold from my nephews (and my sister and brother-in-law got it as well). Ugh...but I think I am finally getting to the tail section of it and my life is returning to its abnormal state.

My workout partner and I met up for just about the first time in three weeks and DAMN do we feel out of shape. I know I wasn't lifting nearly as much weight and I was sweating like a bizatch! I'm sure it didn't help that the air conditioning was turned off or something and the gym was packed with the dang "New Yearsers" know...those people that are like "new year's resolution: get to the gym". Ugh...I mean, I am totally glad they are getting out and trying to get healthy...but 90% of then drop out after the first month which makes MY first month of the year at the gym a nightmare. (bitches) :)

So let's review MY 2005 resolutions and see how well I did!
  1. Come back down to zero debt. (I'm currently at 4k credit card debt.

    Nope...actually I'm still at 4k credit card debt! Mark this one as an embarrasing FAILURE! :)

  2. Work on more art projects and learn about working with brushed aluminum

    I did indeed make additional art projects (which you will find in my home) but I haven't yet gotten the handle on the brushed aluminum.

  3. Redecorate my kitchen (which entails a good bit of designwork and elbow grease

    I did redesign my kitchen and paint it and get it allllllll done...and I hate it. ROTFL :) So I guess I will have to keep this one on the list. It's not a failure (because I did it) but it's still a failure...

  4. Continue going to the gym 5 days a week to build muscle (or at least more than I have now

    I did continue the gym 5 days a week so that is a success. And I have about 15 pounds of additional muscle to show for it I think...altho after this holiday I have an additiona like 5 pounds of fat to work off! (anyone wanna help? *grin impishly*)

  5. Renew interest in studying the Japanese language.

    OK...this one was a failure. I got wrapped into video games and well...that kind of sucked my time. :)
All in all, I wouldn't say too bad in all honesty. I've got to start thinking of this year's resolutions for my next post. I would say one of them is to actually settle down and find a boyfriend, but if it hasn't happened by now it's not likely a resolution will drop a man in my lap (but it would be nice) :)