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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Exciting Misadventures

So this past weekend I had a shoo-shoo load of stuff going on. Ugh. Friday night I worked the door at Woofs (volunteering for the softball team) and then I had to meet my friend Yangtze who was crashing at my place before he ventured to Six Flags. We sat on the couch and watched a terribly horrible movie called D.E.B.S. which was a really cheesy teen lesbian love story crossed with Mission Impossible.

Saturday had to get up early to go work at another softball fundraiser, our first golf tournament. So from 9AM to 1:30PM I was monitoring hole 18 for the "longest drive" with my friend L. Though we were talking very quietly, this one guy was quite rude in saying "Excuse me can you quit talking while I play?". I just responded with "I'm sorry." but what I really wanted to say was "Would Jesus have talked to me like that? I think not. I think he would have said 'Hey guys, I am not that great a golfer and it helps to have some 'shhh'' and smiled and winked. Don't get me wrong, I guess golf is a silent sport, but there are ways to talk to people, and there are ways to talk to people.

Speaking of ways to talk to people! I was bad. OH OH so bad. I even disappointed MYSELF in how I handled this one. Well "he who shall not be named" reponded to an e-mail I sent out to the team asking if we might could have practice after our golf tournament saying "excuse me, but I have things to do afterward...something called 'real life'". That was very unnecessary. I am amazed at all the unnecessary things we often do...including myself. SO with my friend in town, I told him I would be home around 1:30PM if he needed something. That meant I had to leave the golf fundraiser earlier so I went to tell Coach I had to go and "the nameless one" was giving me a little bit of attitude (not alot...but apparently I had been steaming on his attitude) to which I responded, "I have to go know there's that thing called 'real life'" and I left and heard him attempt a retort about me saying it and then leaving but I just wanted to get out of his "zone of evil". :) Later I felt quite guilty myself at behaving like that. I mean...I stooped down to his level for a trivial moment of triumph. So...I learned a lesson...sometimes I should just shut my mouth. But it often sucks turning the other cheek all the time...

ANYWAY with the weekend raining out our softball games, I could have left early for my business trip to Baltimore, but I decided that I could still have fun getting there at 10PM and then going out on a Sunday nite...woah...I should have taken the remnants of Dennis into account because my flight left AT 10:30PM (two hour delay) and I got to the hotel at 1AM. I was like "screw this...I'll just go out tomorrow". Yeah yeah...Monday nite kind of sucked...but I'll get to that later.

So Monday I was giving a poster session (think standing there displaying your info and people come up and talk to you if they are interested) and though I didn't have too many people really interested, the few that did stop by were fun to talk to and very interested in what we had done. Our VP of Finance was at the conference and he stopped by and chatted for a bit then took my business card away with him (wonder what he's going to do with that?).

Once I was done I headed 8 blocks back to the hotel and changed and then scouted out their "gay" area of town and saw their Washington Monument and a cool church. Had lunch (a salad and a really fat burrito) and then headed toward the Inner Harbor where I wanted to see this American Progressive Artists Museum (but those bitches were closed!) but instead visited their aquarium. After looking at all the pretty fish (I love anything water related) I wandered around the shops in the area and didn't buy a damn thing. Shocker I know! OMG!

By the time I got back to hotel, took a bath, and got ready it was 9PM and I headed out to "Grand Central" as they were having karaoke (or Tia-oke as the drag queen hosting it called it). Met a nice guy named Wayne who kept me "chatty company" as we talked about the boys in the bar. There were some cute ones...and there were some cute ones that knew they were cute...and there were some not so cute ones that thought they were cute. Wow...apparently boys ARE the same all over the world :) There were a couple of good singers, but the rest was scaraoke. I had been drinking dark beer and that frells up my voice so no way was I going to get up there, but I applaud everyone that did.

Tuesday came home and just about CRASHED into bed. And it's quitting time and I'm going HOME! :)

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independance Day 2005

Happy Fourth of July everyone! This was a very long weekend for the Glow-Go-Boy (only three days but man do I pack the fun in).

Friday night was a small soiree at my gay-bours house S&J with A and R for a nice pasta dish and salad and some AMAZING fat free cheesecake like pie. We talked about important and sex, alcohol, men, and shopping (The four food groups...(for those of you that know know THAT is an extreme joke). It's amazing how 3 bottles of wine between 4 homos (one guy doesn't drink) can really bring out some interesting information.

After sumbling the dangerous two doors down and going to bed I awoke somewhat early and started cleaning the house and putting shtuff away (like the HUGE stack of clean clothes in the corner of my bedroom that was threatening to evolve into an intelligent life form). I called a couple of friends and they said they were going to brave the crowds and head over to IKEA (they just opened a store here...don't be jealous, just gives you an excuse to come visit the city).

So we agree to carpool and I drive over there about 3PM and we arrive at IKEA at about 3:30. After about 30 minutes of navigating through the throngs of people and cars we finally find parking about 6 blocks away. Not a big deal, I never minded walking so we just chatted as we trekked down the street to arrive at...the Line.

Oh yes. A 30 minute line to IKEA but after going through all that just for a parking spot we were like "Hell yes we're going to wait". It's actually a GREAT store (or it will be once the hype dies down) and I found a few pieces that might be nice to have in my townhome (most of it is already complete however). So after following my friends around the store for THREE HOURS I ended up spending a WHOPPING $10.78. Hey...even I was shocked. However, since buying the house, I generally go looking...think about how it fits in with my design and needs and THEN I go back and get stuff. I found some storage/shelving pieces that I want to get soon.

So after that, I was like 2 hours late to a BBQ I was supposed to appear at, but I HAD to take a nap. I was ex-freakin-sausted. I feel bad about missing it, and I plan on apologizing later this week with some kind of penance :)

So after my nap, my friends called and we went to the Heretic to dance a bit. We got tired and headed home around 1:30AM (I can't do that all night shtuff anymore) and I came home and put on the tele and just about fell asleep on the couch.

Sunday was mostly spent playing on the compter trying to get this damn software for my Tivo working. Chatted on ICUII for a bit and later my friend Lcalled and she dropped by and watched "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and then we went to the Hollywood 24 to see "Herbie: Fully Loaded" which is a very FUN film that I enjoyed lots (being a beetle owner you just gotta love I like Lindsay Lohan).

Monday kind of came and went actually. It feels as if I didn't get my day off :) Woke up, had breakfast, called L and went to the gym (chest, arms, back day) and then we drove to lunch and then Target (where I bought $35 in crap I don't need) and then back home to change and then off to a friend's highrise condo to watch the fireworks at Lennox.

While watching fireworks I hung out with my friends B&L and watching them kind of made me sad in a way. It would have been nice to enjoy the fireworks with someone special. :) Universe, it must be late because I am getting sentimental. Perhaps it's a sign maybe I should GET TO BED? LOL :)

I doubt if things will work out with Arkansas as we both know he'll be going back home to Arkasas in three weeks and then onto some other destination for work. Oh the life of a playboy *laugh* Perhaps that's why he's been a bit distanced...but I do like him and it's rare to find someone that is really a good person at his core with the same values and spirit that I have.

I find myself oscillating in and out of having faith in the Universe that things are how they should be. I mean...are they how they should be or am I supposed to DO something? I told someone I felt like I was living in's kind of a wierd concept to explain. Closest approximationg is that it feels like I'm living my own chicken and the egg problem!