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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I am not a chicken McNugget!

I just recieved this in a little QuickMessage on a gay personals site I frequent:

hit me up if interested
have a hotel
safe discrete masculine jock boy
28 italian 5'9" 155 br br
hiv neg
std free
looking for athlete- muscular- jock- rugged type dudes for safe no strings play

And although it sounds nice...I begin to recall a conversation a few of my straight friends and I had the other day about gays and sex. That we are "disposable commodities" because there is always someone else out there willing to get a groove on with you. So do I feel flattered or like a piece of McDonald's fast food?

Don't get me wrong, I have always said "Don't be afraid of people afraid of people NOT looking." and Universe knows I love being the center of attention. (But as a friend says to me, "You freely admit enjoying being the center of attention so it's OK") *tee hee gremlin grin*

Sometimes we all want to "frolic in the flesh" and it's not like I have never done it or won't do it again someday. (ssh! Don't tell my, Mom!) But it gave me a little chuckle today. I guess I'm not "in da mood" :)

It's probably because I am sitting in my livingroom writing this (ain't wireless great?) singing some Karaoke with a fire blazing on the hearth. Life almost doesn't get any more perfect than this (unless there's a hot naked boy I am singing to...oh and that I have some feelings for...yeah yeah...LOL).

So I ignore the QM in difiance and scream "I am not a chicken McNugget!" and wave my fist at the heavens!...

This time, anyway. LOL :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

First post at a new home!

So welcome to my new home I guess. I previously maintained my own site (and I might do so again in the near future) but for now I'm going to use the utilities at to make things easier (and faster...using a cablemodem to host a site? Not recommended :)

So it's a new year and as promised, I should discuss my 2005 New Years Resolutions! Yeah! Now don't get too excited because this year, I am having fewer resolutions! I figure with fewer resolutions, that means I might have fewer failures! LOL!

So without further ado here are The Glow-go-boy's 2005 New Years Resolutions:
  1. Come back down to zero debt. (I'm currently at 4k credit card debt)
  2. Work on more art projects and learn about working with brushed aluminum
  3. Redecorate my kitchen (which entails a good bit of designwork and elbow grease)
  4. Continue going to the gym 5 days a week to build muscle (or at least more than I have now)
  5. Renew interest in studying the Japanese language.
So on my personal front, I am single and have (at least for now) severed communication with the ex. I thought I could do the friends thing, but I kept getting riled up inside when he would talk to me or be in the same room. He said he was "disappointed but understands" and I can only hope that is true. I have at least found some personal peace again with my focus on the gym and step aerobics class. I think that I might consider getting certified to teach. It's basically line dancing with a step anyway :) (for those of you unaware, I was a country-western choreographer for 5 years). I am not in a rush to get involved with someone new, but neither am I going to preclude the possibility. Life is too variable to plan things like that.

My softball team went to the Orlando Meltdown and came in 5th place. I drove down with DG and we had a good time of it. The 7 hour drive wasn't too bad with someone fun to pass the time with. The tournament itself kind of sucked, I's NOT fun to play in 40 degree weather in the rain and wind AT NIGHT. Games kept getting delayed and we went to "one-pitch" on Sunday where you get one pitch and if it's a ball you walk, but if it's a strike and you don't swing you are OUT (and we're not talking of the closet).

One of the funniest moments was Saturday night our games finished at about 10:30PM and my friends were like, "Are you going out?" and I said "Maybe...for like an hour or so just to get my dance on". Well I left my friends at the Blue Moon Saloon and went to the Parliament House to dance a bit. My friend came along a bit later and said "In 20 minutes, we'll leave and go get D and go back". We did go find D as planned at the Blue Moon but we also found a couple of shots of Goldschlager staring at us longingly. A few HOURS later we went back to the hotel. LOL :) I guess the best laid plans of mice and men huh?

Another funny moment was when someone at the fields said "I think I'm going to slip into something a little more masculine" and someone sneered "What? Your husband?" LOL! :)

We didn't place at the tournament but we did get the Team Spirit Award (the other team coaches voted for our team) which netted us $100 to give to Aid Atlanta so that was cool.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Emotional Limbo

So, I was WRONG again :) Wow...this is getting to be such a streak of wrongness...this is very unlike my usual life. LOL :)

So apparently we are going to be "just friends" and there will be no "we'll see what happens". I took a stab at what our "real" problem was and I was right on the nose. I'm not at all happy with the reasoning, but if that's the way it is, that's the way it is because well...that's the way it is LOL.

I'm a bit angry because I don't think a few things I said over the course of our relationship were believed, but you know...he had a tendency not to believe me anyway. Can't have a relationship built on jealousy and non-faith.

So life once again resumes full-force for the Glow-Go-Boy...

It's time to change. It's time to grow. And it's time to have some frelling fun! :)

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's make it a safe year (both on the road and in the bed) and my next post let's review my 2005 Resolutions!