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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pre Halloween 2005

So this past weekend was a busy one for the Glow-Go-Boy. Friday night I actually had a dinner date down in Little Five Points with this guy who turned out to be VERY handsome and fun to hang out with. We threw back a few beers and had a nice dinner at the Vortex. Hung out talking and drinking for like 4 hours while the rain poured down around us bringing in the cold weather and the end of short sleeve shirts.

Saturday I spent a good portion of the day with my new neighbor N. Cool straight guy who I hope we can be friends. We have similar interests (besides the girls) like sci-fi, action movies, and home electronics. We went shopping at Target and later I cooked dinner since all his appliances weren't connected yet. It was just like having a temporary non-sexual boyfriend...LOL :) Reminded me of all the work of having a BF LOL :)

Saturday night I went to one of my softball mate's party, K. It was ALL the way out in Stockbridge, GA (which is off the southeast side of Atlanta about 45 minutes from my house). Anytime you get me into rural Georgia I just KNOW I'm going to get lost. And I was also wearing the above outfit so asking for directions would have been a wee hard...I one wants to make a deal with the devil! :) The party was a good time, I won a nice candle in their costume contest, had too much to drink and ended up crashing on a mattress in the livingroom.

Sunday came way too soon and I was running late waking up and getting all the way back to my house and then down to the softball fields, but I arrived only a little late. We had two games with my regular team (Yellow) and then I got picked up to play catch on the Red Team. Funny thing is during the Yellow games my hitting was for crap. When I played with the Red, I got a home run and my other hits were pretty solid.

Sunday night I was invited to have dinner with "My Lesbians" at their house. It was a tasty treat of grilled chicken, baked beans, potato wedges, and for dessert (oh...evil evil dessert) I had 1/2 a piece of chocolate-caramel pie. YUM.

But this work week has come too soon and I almost called in "tired" today LOL :) But I've got work to do so I'm going to get to it!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

General Update

SO...the world has been fairly calm as of late. VERY quiet...I can hear the crickets....

Nothing really up on the boy front, staying in contact with Nashville from time to time. He's having career issues, which is unfortunate because...well I want everyone to succeed I guess.

I did volunteer to coordinate Fall Ball for the Hotlanta Softball League partially. The normal director had to leave town for work and I'm the volunteering sort so I stepped up to the plate. What is it with these damn queens and waiting until the last minute? It's like...TAKE THE F-ING TIME TO REGISTER EARLY! :) In their defense, the advertising of Fall Ball was less than ideal. Some guy got mad there weren't posters and the like and I wanted to shout at him, "Then get F-ING involved and help get this thing taken care of". I _SWEAR_ that chaps my arse when people complain and they don't get directly involved.

But, needless to say everything went well, got to hang out with some new friends and I am actually "Coach Neon" for my Fall Team. :) And of course, we got the neon yellow shirts. Haha! We played on Oct 9th and BOY was I hung over from the night before...

I had started the night off at Woofs and had a Makers on the rocks to hang with some softball buddies there and then we went to the Heretic and I had two more Makers on the rocks and that was IT. I had to get my friend LS to take me home. BUT at least I was responsible enough to know when I shouldn't drive. It was fun and a well needed release (not _that_ kind of release...but starting to feel the need for THAT too lately).

Which leads me to today where this guy cruised me SO hard in the sauna room, I swear I have bullet holes. :) He had a cute lil body, but it felt wierd because he just kept STARING and not saying "Hello" or "I want to blow you..." or WHATEVER LOL :) I may have to go back to the sauna room tonight because I did something to my left shoulder and it feels pinched :( That or I might drop into a tanning bed and get some heat there (and some needed tan time).