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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tampa Tournament and Misplaced Letters

A silly conversation over AIM that I thought was funny:

(10:19:19) Neon:
(10:19:56) Neon: Pounders blowing sounds fun
(10:20:09) Neon: if I am not tied up I might go do that
(10:20:34) Friend1: what?
(10:20:45) Neon: on the wackers list
(10:20:52) Neon: the Pounders bowling tournament
(10:20:56) Friend1: o
(10:21:05) Friend1: oh, you said "blowing" lol
(10:21:11) Neon: LOL
(10:21:13) Neon: OMG I did!
(10:21:15) Neon: HAHAHHAHA
(10:21:21) Neon: I have to put that on the blog

LOL :) So I am back in full form and fashion after a week of pretty much just sitting on my ass. My softball team, the Wackers, competed in the Gasparilla Softball Tournament down in good old Tampa, Florida. I actually used to live 20 minutes away from Tampa so I actually saw a few things that were familiar.

So I drove down on Friday with my friend DG. Left EARLY (was on the road at 6:30AM) and after a leisurely 8 hour drive, we arrived at the hotel. Our room wasn't ready so DG and I grabbed our swimsuits out of the car and changed in the bathroom. The hotel pool was heated and it was NICE after sitting all that time in the car. There were some cute guys around, nothing amazing. Part of me just believes that all that effort chasing boys just isn't worth the return :) But we did have a couple of beers. Right after the first one, our coach called us and invited us to an impromptu practice...we looked at each other and we said at the same time, "I'm too tired" and with that promptly ordered a second beer!

Friday night we went to "Club Chambers" which had a downstairs techno bar and an upstairs country bar (but only until midnight). Let me tell you I was PISSED I didn't know that otherwise I would have brought my boots. It's a little hard to dance in tennis shoes (especially my platform light up ones! HAHAHHAHA! [Link].

Saturday started the tournament and having not played in was nice to get back into the proverbial swing of things. I had the deubious honor of being our first at bat (I hate being first at bat) but...I got a nice triple RIGHT off the bat, they overthrew third and my coach sent me home for our first run of the tournament on the very first hit of the tournamenet :) That definitely gave me a quick confidence boost and I pretty much rocked the rest of the day :) In all actuality, the TEAM rocked that day. We won both our round robin games and then had to play actual tournament games. We won our third game and lost our fourth one, but we were happy with our performance for the day!

Unfortunately...great performances do have a cost. I ended up busting one of my front teeth and getting a BIG cash in my lower lip. There went my sex life for the weekend! :( Well..not necessarily...I could have precluded any conversation with, "I can't kiss you or suck you, but I sure can give one hell of a hand-job!!!" :) I didn't think that would go over very I just shelved the guy-on-guy action for a later time.

Sunday's morning games came really early. I hadn't gone out the night before because after 4 games of softball...I was feeling as wore out as my right hand...

...I mean...well...anyway...

Unfortunately we lost our first game on Sunday, and in a double elimination tournament that meant we were DONE. So we piled into the car and headed over to the "other" fields to watch our sister team, the Pounders as they were still playing.

So that night, my roommate for the weekend, DG decided he was going to drive home with someone else leaving that night. So one of my other teammates decided to drive with me and we had a really good trip back the next day. It was pretty funny as every time we got out of the car, we had to use our arms to move our legs they were so sore. And it hurt to laugh and giggle (and you know how I love to laugh and giggle) and that made me laugh EVEN MORE!

Well now it's a week later, I'm back going to the gym (it was really WAY too nice to be off of the gym) and starting all over again with low weights...gotta work back into it otherwise I'll be sore AGAIN. *sigh* But softball is here pretty much and it's my 32nd birthday tomorrow. :) Which sexy man wants to give me my birthday sex? LOL :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

2006 Valentine's Day Post

SO...I figure I won't have time tomorrow to post any updates and though I am happy a guy actually told me the truth about "not feeling the connection" it still sucks :) I think I could have really liked him :)

So I'm listening to Offer Nissim's album "First Time" which is awesome for my mood. I knelt down earlier and sighed really deep. It was one of those deep sighs that you can feel deep within your core, dredging up the ambiguous emotions you hide deep inside a tarnished soul. I looked up to the heavens and said aloud, "Universe, I am tired."

And I am tired. And I worry that people can sense that when they interact with me on a personal level. I can tell when someone is bitter, eh? I wonder exactly what kind of "vibe" I'm putting out there at this point in my life. Probably a bit jaded I imagine. :) Which is odd because I believe that if I am...I hide it from myself pretty damn well.

So I have had quite a number of compliments like, "You are handsome/sexy, you have a fun sense of humor, your (online) profile really has some substance, you seem well grounded". I'm wondering what exactly I have to be to land a boyfriend on my same level...

I I need to become some abusive, unemployed, asshole in order for someone to take notice? LOL :) I say that laughingly, but there is an echo of truth to it. Pity party for one, yes, I know. But it's not like you've never had one so shaddup and give me my five minutes :)

So tomorrow, I will paint on my smile, wear a fun valentine's day shirt, and take solace in the fact that I (honestly) rarely feel like this. And I am going to Tampa on Friday thru Monday on vacation to play softball. The sun and physical exercise are sure to enhance my mood...just gotta make it through this week. Thank goodness I have alot to keep myself busy between work and some of my extracurricular activities.

But seriously, everyone. I hope you have an awesome Valentine's Day and if you don't have another person to treat right, focus the attention on yourself. Do something nice for you...a nice dinner, buy that thing you've been wanting, some self physical satisfaction >:) Instead of a sigh, we'll take a cleansing breath...and be all the better for it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Something I Found on the Hard Drive...

And no, it's not porn (I don't misplace that stuff!). Anyway, let me set the stage. Joined a new personals site (I figure I gotta cast the line somewhere or else I'll be an old spinster with major arthritis in his right hand) and posted a few pictures up there (of course a few of them are shirtless...I mean I have to put some bait on the hook right? :)

SO I get a message (a few weeks back) from this guy complaining about ME...check it out and my response (in the box):

And I was like WTF?!?!?! This guy is one of those "I want you to be 5'8 - 5'9 with BLONDE hair and a 27 WAIST who works out AT LEAST THREE DAYS A WEEK and is VERY MASCULINE, but not too much and between the AGES of 18 and 22" (I'm making these stats up).

You are totally going to find YOUR soul mate, Mister. *eyeroll* Man...just seeing that message pisses me off again. I mean, it's one thing if I know you, you can say whatever you want. But for a complete stranger to dis me to my FACE like that is plain rude.

Although I did think the whole thing was funny (in a disturbed way) in reality. And if you weren't aware, yes I have two piercings (right and left nipples) and two tattoos. And I want a third tattoo...I just have to figure the design out. But that's me. If you don't like it, then obviously I am not in your dating pool and please pass me by, but don't criticize because I did something to my body that you find unattractive (unless we are dating/partnered).

I joined MySpace today on the request of my friend/neighbor/workout partner Nick. It seems interesting but DAMN if it isn't overloaded with advertising. I guess it's gotta pay for itself somehow.

Today is a nasty nasty rainy sleety day (wish I had a cuddle buddy and a good movie) so I'm just chilling out and finishing up an art project I am making for a friend's housewarming:

Still feels like it needs a little something more...gotta grok on it for the next few days...