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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Southern Shootout 2006

So finally, the face is healing up. It is INCREDIBLY much better than it was last week this time. Now I just look like I stayed up too late :)

So this past weekend was Easter, but for the GGB, he was at another softball tournament :) (put on your surprise face) LOL :) Friday, my friends DG and LD and I rode over to Birmingham, AL for the 2006 Southern Shootout softball tournament. We had left early enough to skip the heavy Atlanta holiday traffic, thank goodness! We arrived and headed out to eat (I was imploding...again) and we sat inside admiring (or not, haha!) the other softball boys sitting outside on the patio. Afterwards we signed in and headed to the open bar (woo know I love THAT) and hung out with the other Wackers and renewed aquaintances. Couldn't really stay out that late (and I was rooming with married folk) so afterwards, just crashed.

Saturday started early with two round-robin games of which we won one and lost one, placing us almost smack dab in the middle of the seeding. Not a bad spot...but it definitely made for an uphill battle to try and place. Once the tournament started, we played pretty well, winning our first game and heading for the second. Unfortunately, we lost our second game, putting us into the losers bracket. One more loss and we would be put out of the tournament! With an 8:00AM game, I felt for sure we would be home in time for lunch and a good nap.

As with most things in my life...GUESS AGAIN! LOL :)

We weren't playing too well that first game against the K-town Katz...but after an inspirational, "get your shish together, I know you can play better" (paraphrased) speech by our coach, we kicked it into high gear, climbed out of our hole and won by like a point. :) The next game against an Atlanta team, the Demons was one of the most interesting of the weekend... :) During one play in that game, I was getting a forced out at second, the runner ran into me, grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. No harm done, but I was struggling to turn around to see who it was and I laughed and said, " least you're one of the hot ones!" as he walked off the field...and BOY how-freaking-dee is he ever sexy...

In a surprise (and some would say foolish) we were tied in the score and the International Run Rule went into effect (which is basically you play innings starting with a man on 2nd base). Luckily we had our best runner (whom we nicknamed "Choo Choo") on the base...but with no outs, the coach decided to walk the next two runners. This was kind of an odd move, loading the bases...the likelyhood of getting a TRIPLE-PLAY was near impossible and their pitcher was dog tired...three balls and he walked our batter...BALLGAME to us :)

Our third game for the day, was against another Atlanta team, the Eagle Talons. We were pretty familiar with the team, though there were a few new faces. Again...we stressed out our coaches and pinched it by another single point :) THEN we played the Orlando Equalizer Cowboys, definitely a pretty team *steam out of my ears*. That game was interesting because their pitcher had just about had it...had they had additional skilled pitchers, we might have lost. That put us into third place...HARDWARE :) But...another game to play...luckily (in my eyes) we lost (or we would have had to play a FULL SEVEN INNINGS MORE) and yours truly was about as full of energy as a Tic-Tac.

So we had a little celebratory get together at Woofs on Wednesday night which was a nice way to really kick off our season. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Black Eye

So...that is me on Day 3 after getting hit in the face by a bad hop. My friends are all like "OOOOO, gurl...that looks like it hurts" and I nod and say, "Nope." :) looks worse than it is. I just have a minor headache and tenderness. I'm actually quite surprised. Thankfully, the swelling went down enough for me to play my two games on Sunday. I hope it sticks around for my tournament this weekend because I think they'll be like, "Check out Short...don't mess with him..." :) Muahwuhauhwauha!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I feel pretty...oh so pretty!

So...while playing ball tonight I was moving torward the ball, it looked like it was going to be a nice and easy double play (the ball was moving FAST right into my glove) when it apparently hit a rock and angled directly FACE...check it OUT:


My right eye is about swollen shut and I guarantee it will be a black eye by Sunday morning when I might have to play with HSL. When I first got hit all I could do is hold my hand to my head and taste the blood coming from a cut on my nose and from within my nose (I know...that's EXACTLY what you wanted to read). Luckily, on the opposing team there was a nose doctor and he took a look at it and declared it not broken (possibly fractured) but there wouldn't be anything anyone would do besides prescribe ibuprofin and some ice packs.

I feel like Quasimodo but if I get a black eye and it lasts awhile...that could be pretty hot! ROTFL :) I'm really hoping we don't have practice in the morning because I want to rest as much as possible. I generally heal pretty fast but I have a feeling that this thing is going to bruise and really hurt in the coming days.

Oh well...that's the danger of playing shortstop. And I've always said, "It's not a real game unless by the end of it I'm hurt or bleeding" :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Softball...the cult...(and other sundry tales)

So I haven't updated ya'll in awhile, and for that I apologize. I have been sucked yet again into "Softball Land" :) Not complaining though. I LOOOOVE me some "Softball Land" :) In fact, so much that I joined a church league to get some extra games in on Friday. Mom was floored, she knows I'm not an avid church goer having been turned off the whole thing by catholocism (in reality my Dad). But I have my own belief system of sorts which I have discussed in previous blogs I think...won't bore you with that here.

So playing with the Briarlake Baptist Church league is very different than playing with HSL. For starters, they generally don't need a cutoff (I'm playing shortstop with them too) since they have freaking cannons for arms and most of the real "outs" come from pop flies into the outfield. These guys are definitely a lot of fun to play ball with and I'm learning a few things as I play.

We're still in "exhibition" games with my other team, "Woofs Wackers" and everyone is gunning to take us out since we've been the number one team for three years now (I wonder how this year will play out...). That is fine...bring it, bitches :) We have fun no matter what!

Speaking of games, the Wackers played two games on Sunday (won both BTW) but a funny thing happened that morning...I put in my contact and thought I scratched my eye. I couldn't see clearly out of my right eye!!! So my eye was uncomfortable, and I had to play since we were at a team minimum to play so I just focused during those games like CRAZY. I was so focused on the ball I should have been able to move it with my mind! Thankfully, I played quite well, had a few good plays and only messed up the first game's batting. When I got home I decided to change into glasses and went to take the problem contact out first...but once I did...I found out I COULD SEE! I stared deeply into the mirror, moved my finger around my eye and found a second contact in my eye! Apparently when I opened the new pack there were TWO in the case that I had shoved in my eye! Damn...if I can play that good with murky vision...hahahhaha!

I do love posting funny AIM conversations and here is another one:

(13:43:57) *Friend1:* what's with all these $ problems?
(13:45:03) *Neon:* lol
(13:45:06) *Neon:* Nothing
(13:45:11) *Neon:* I just want to party like a rockstar!
(13:45:24) *Neon:* ROCK F-ING STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(13:45:26) *Friend1:* yes you do... on a karaoke budget

ROTFLMAO! :) But I have had to shell out some serious dough as of late. Air conditioning repair, car tag, alarm system, and an extra car payment (because I screwed up in January with auto-payments). I am saving money (I'm shocked as to how much) by bringing my lunch to work and not eating out during the week. I ain't po...but I am determined about trying to get to $0 debt...but I dug myself slightly deeper by buying a TV from some of my best friends (who were getting rid of it anyway).

But it's FABU! :) And by FABU I mean "holy sheep shears, Batman...that's a big TV" :) It's a 50" DLP and it's FINE to play video games on too :) Now I have to get my old 35" Tube Sony to my Mom. She laid claims to that so I cannot sell it. *sigh* :) But she's good to me and deserves it. I mean...she has to put up with me right?