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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

August 27th, 2002

So I'm figuring some of you have been wondering "Where the heck is Digital Cowboy?". Well I've been sick and as of this writing am STILL sick. I'm having to change my weekend plans and just sit around looking at my dog. :) I normally don't get sick like this. It's a bit scary especially when every test has been done and you're still feeling like crap after two weeks. But my spirits are up.

No clubs, No Internet, No Boys, No FUN. *LOL*. Doc today was grasping at straws and I got a TB test. But this is NOT normal for me :) I usually bounce back but whatever this is, it is NAST-TEE! (Not to mention getting expensive $$$$).

BUT, Now all I can do is wait two weeks and hope it clears up. Doc sez that he's seen a couple of cases where they've had the Nasty for a month before it went away. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's throwing a fabu party. I'm not sick sick and all that, just fevery and sweaty a lot. All in all, it's not too bad. Just blah.

So wish me better health! Belief alters reality, and I believe I am going to be fine soon. I just got a nasty. I'm sure the sinus infection two weeks ago didn't help.

Work is going okay I guess. A bit stressful cause we're seeing some problems on our wireless network that haven't cropped up before. We think we traced it to some equipment that is not working like it should.

Since I've been sick, there is NO update on my personal life (not that there is a lot to report) BUT I did take one step into a more active life...I got a cel phone. That's right...I was one of the last holdouts of homosexuality to get a cel phone. I got a really neat one, but this weekend I am going to get out of the house (finally) and go on a quest for a new faceplate. Something fun I imagine. I'll take a picture and post it :)

Hoping everyone else doesn't get my Nasty!

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

August 6th, 2002

Truth...kind of had a little "thing" for this guy, but today I was told he met someone else... And I am happy for him. It's something I want personally so I shouldn't begrudge him. We probably wouldn't have worked out anyway...we were definitely something of an oil and water...

However! It still kind of sucks. *grin* Nothing ever happened between us, just hung out a few times so I guess I should just look at it as an investment in a new friendship...

Oh well...there's someone out there for just prooves that this one was NOT the one for me :) Am I getting bitter? Not yet...and the Universe help me I hope I never get there...even if I'm 115 and I still haven't had a meaningful relationship.

Pity party over? For now :) I have me. I have people that like me and perhaps...just perhaps...there was a reason for this one not going anywhere...

Only time will tell...and I am really looking forward to the journey!